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Yellow Tongue: Causes, Treatments and Best Home Remedies

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A yellow tongue is sometimes a symptom of diseases of our immune system, such as HIV or AIDS, but it is only one of the signs then. You will also have a yellow tongue if a yeast infection developed in your mouth. If the yellow coating has built up under your tongue, it may be a sign of gallstones, alcoholic hepatitis, or viral hepatitis.

Best Home Remedies to Yellow Tongue

Yellow tongue is usually just a minor condition, which often goes away on its own, but if you do not like the appearance of it, you can try various home remedies, which should quickly help you to get rid of it naturally and permanently.

1.     Prepare Your Own Mouthwash

If the yellow coating on your tongue is caused by a bacterial infection, you may prepare your own antibacterial mouthwash to eliminate the bacteria from your mouth. You only need water and hydrogen peroxide to prepare it.

Simply mix five parts of water with one part of hydrogen peroxide and use it to gargle your mouth and throat in the morning and in the evening. Remember, not to swallow the solution, though. After a few days of such a therapy, you should forget about your yellow tongue.

2.     More Fiber

If you deal with the problem of yellow tongue, you should include more fiber in your diet as it will improve your digestion process, which will have a positive influence on your gastrointestinal health and eliminate the yellow coating from your tongue.

However, introduce fiber gradually into your diet as otherwise you may end up with stomach problems, such as diarrhea or bloating. Also, remember that if you want fiber to do its work, you need to drink a lot of water with it.

3.     Less Alcohol

If you deal with a yellow tongue, you should avoid drinking alcohol as when drunk regularly, you can irritate your throat and your tongue. What’s more, alcohol is bad for your stomach and may lead to acid reflux, which then often contributes to the problem of a yellow tongue.

Therefore, drink alcohol only on special occasions and even then drink it in small amounts. When you drink alcohol regularly, you may seriously weaken your immune system. As a result you can develop various bacterial or viral infections more easily.

4.     Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is as bad for you as alcohol or maybe even worse. If you smoke cigarettes every day, your teeth and tongue may get a yellow shade. Cigarettes reduce the production of saliva, which makes your mouth and throat dry. At the same time, however, it increases the production of mucus, which may accumulate in your throat.

As a result, smoking cigarettes can significantly contribute to the problem of a yellow tongue and it will be difficult for you to get rid of this problem if you keep smoking.

5.     Eat Probiotics

As a yellow tongue is often the consequence of a therapy with antibiotics or when you deal with a bacterial or viral infection, you should include probiotics into your daily diet. They provide the balance of good and bad bacteria in your organism and therefore they can reduce the problem of a yellow tongue.

You can buy supplements with probiotics, but natural ones will be a much healthier option. Simply drink a cup of natural yogurt or kefir every day and you will protect yourself against bad bacteria. Remember, though, that you should not choose yogurts with sugar as they lose their beneficial properties then.

If you do not like the taste of natural yogurt, you can add to it some fresh fruit like berries or strawberries, or some honey.

6.     Have Good Oral Hygiene

If you want to get rid of the yellow coating on your tongue, you need to remember about maintaining proper oral hygiene. Therefore, remember to brush not only your teeth, but your tongue too. You can easily get a toothbrush with a special ending which is used to clean your tongue. This way you can remove the yellow coating from your tongue on a daily basis.

If you have a tendency to bacterial infections in your mouth, brushing your teeth may not be enough and you should also remember about flossing after every meal and using a mouthwash in the morning and in the evening. Choose a mouthwash which is alcohol-free so as not to irritate your tongue.

7.     Stay Hydrated

If you suffer from a yellow tongue and you want to get rid of it, remember to drink a lot of water throughout the day. It will naturally clean your tongue from the yellow coating and flush the toxins out of your mouth and organism.

It is recommended to drink about eight glasses of water a day or even more if it is a hot day or when you spend a lot of time in the air-conditioned rooms. The best idea is to always keep a small bottle of mineral water on your desk or in your bag and sip it throughout your day.

Yellow Tongue – When to See a Doctor

Yellow tongue is rarely a serious condition, but if the coating does not go away after a week, you should consult the matter with a doctor. Visit him also when you notice some other symptoms , such as bad breath or pain in your mouth.

Yellow Tongue: Causes, Treatments and Best Home Remedies
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