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Wisdom Tooth Pain: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies

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Wisdom Tooth Pain: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies
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In fact, the extraction of your wisdom tooth doesn’t have to be a bad experience at all. You will have local anesthesia, which won’t cause any side effects but it will make you feel nothing. Some complications after the procedure happen very rarely.

The main inconvenience is connected only with the fact that you may have some problems with eating for a few days afterwards. In case of pain your doctor will prescribe you some stronger painkillers and after several days you will forget about the whole matter.

Remember that the earlier you will make an appointment, the better as wisdom teeth may affect the whole of your organism. The most serious problems may be caused by teeth which are impacted or infected as the infection may spread further to your organism.

Therefore, infected teeth are sometimes responsible for sinus problems, earaches, headaches, or frequent throat infections. It’s also extremely important to get rid of an infected wisdom tooth if you’re planning to get pregnant.

Extra Tips For a Wisdom Tooth Pain

Once the pain starts, don’t panic and just make an appointment at a good dental specialist. While you are waiting for the visit, try home remedies which are described above. They are really effective if you follow them regularly.

If the pain is really strong, you can take some over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen or paracetamol. Don’t take too many of them, though. A good idea is to use over-the-counters medicines and home remedies by turns.

Ice should be your best friend during these difficult days. It’s a safe and effective way to bring yourself some relief from pain. If you work, take a few days off to stay in bed and relax.

If you feel strong wisdom tooth pain, pay attention to the food you eat. Avoid sweet things, which are rich in sugar as they can make the pain worse. Also, stay away from hard food products as chewing may be problematic for you.

Moreover, avoid food which can get into your gums around the painful tooth as it may make the pain stronger or even spread the infection.

Drink plenty of water as it’s a natural way of flushing the toxins and food leftovers from your oral cavity. Brush your teeth regularly, after every meal to minimize the infection. Flossing is a good idea as well. However, be very gentle when you get close to the painful area.

It is possible that you will temporarily deal with the pain using home remedies or over-the-counter products. It can go away for even a few months. However, the worst thing you can do then is to pretend that there is no problem any longer.

For sure the pain will come back and the next time it can be even stronger and the painkillers and home remedies may not be so effective then. Therefore, even if the pain stops, make an appointment at a dental specialist to see what the issue is.

What’s more, the extraction of a wisdom tooth will be even easier for you if it is not painful. The faster you will start acting, the better. Once your wisdom tooth is extracted, you will feel a huge relief. Also, your whole oral cavity and organism will benefit from this procedure.

Wisdom teeth infections may spread towards other parts of your body so you should never ignore the problem and quickly get rid of it. Ask your dental specialist any questions which come to your mind to make sure that the procedure is 100% necessary and safe.

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