What is Face Rolling and Why You Should Try It

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What is Face Rolling and Why You Should Try ItFor the last couple of months, thousands of girls on Instagram and basically all over the Internet are completely in love with face rolling. This little trick that takes only about 10 minutes per day has become a hit and it does not look it is going to end anytime soon. What exactly is face rolling and what does it do to your face?

Basic Face Rolling

Face rolling is a kind of mini facial that you can just do yourself, using a small face massager. The most popular face massagers are made from jade – emerald-green jadeite. In 2017 jade rollers have become extremely famous among women of all ages, however, this technique has been known and used already for centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. Jade is believed to have great beneficial properties, such as drawing out negative energy and balancing your “chi”. Members of Chinese royal families used jade for retaining good spirits and bringing luck on themselves. Although it all sound like magic, benefits coming from using this gemstone has been proven by reliable, scientific researchers.

How Does a Jade Face Roller Look Like?

Jade rollers are made from jade, of course, but it is not just a stone on a stick. They are not too big, so the tool will easily fit in your cosmetic bag or even a small purse, if you would like to take it with you. They look like an exclusive SPA tool and when you use it you can get a nice extra feeling of doing something luxurious and healthy to your face. Jade rollers are dual-ended, usually with two sizes of stones on both ends. The bigger jade is supposed to be used on larger areas of your face, such as cheeks, forehead, neck, and jawline, while the smaller stone is meant for your under-eye area. The stones are attached to a handle with a metal frame. You can also find rollers with a textured surface of the stones, which may increase the effects.

3 Best Benefits of Jade Face Rollers

We already know that face rolling has plenty beneficial effects on our faces and daily 10-minutes routine of using your jade roller cam improve both your skin and your mood. What are the biggest and best benefits of implementing this new trend into your evening skincare rituals?

Detoxifying your face

Face rolling using a jade roller increases blood circulation in your cells. It also helps your lymphatic system to carry away all the toxins accumulated in your body. When your lymph and bool flow is improved, your skin cells can be refurbished, and the toxins can be removed. Increased blood circulation will oxygenize you’re the surface of your skin and brighten it.

Detoxifying is a very important step in your skincare routine. Even the most expensive creams will not work correctly if your face will be packed with toxins from the inside. That causes puffiness and the feeling of ‘bloated’ face.

Increasing Your Inner Chi

According to ancient Chinese medicine, chi is your life force energy. Increased chi will prevent stagnation and will add healthy colors to your complexion.

Jade rollers are believed to have the power to improve your chi, brighten up your skin and make you look more fresh and alive. Rollers made from this gemstone work amazing during summer – they cool you down and freshen your face. In the winter you can warm the stones up in hot water and relieve your skin after a day of dry and cold air.

High Anti-Aging Properties

The first two best benefits of using a jade roller, detoxifying your skin and increasing your inner chi, lead to one main effect – anti-aging. Don’t worry, this does not mean that everyone is “too old” now and we all need to do everything to look younger. Anti-aging is just preventing our face to show the first symptoms of getting a little bit older, such as wrinkles and deep under eye circles. Main tasks of your jade roller are to reduce puffiness, tighten up your skin, bring out the healthy glow, and decrease the first lines that may show up.

How to Use a Jade Roller

Face rolling should be done on cleaned and moisturized skin. Rolling is supposed to lift your skin up and promote better blood circulation, so the movements of your jade roller should go from down to up and from the inside of your face towards its edges. The technique is really simple and even if you are a beginner, you should not experience any problems or difficulties.

The best way to start using your jade roller is to place it on your neck and start making upward motions. You can do it with a speed and pressure that suits you the most. After spending about 1-1,5 minutes on your neck, move towards your jawline. Rolling the stone from the center of your chin towards your ears with make your jawline look smoother. Going up to your cheeks – use the roller in the upward motion, again moving it from the center of your face towards the edges. Repeat the same upward movements on your forehead. The last part is around your eyes. Start at the inner corner of your eye and slowly move towards your temples.

Amazing Results of Using a Jade Roller

The list of great effects coming from using your jade roller daily does not end on only three positions. Face rolling give you so much more!

Home Drainage Massage

Are you familiar with the puffy face in the morning? We probably all are. The morning puffiness is caused by the lymph accumulating in your skin, mostly under your eyes and on your cheeks. Lymphatic fluid is nothing more than a waste coming from your lymph nodes, that needs to be brought back to your cardiovascular system.

What is Face Rolling and Why You Should Try It
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