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UTSW Research Shows COVID-19 Vaccine Gets Less Effective Over Time!



UTSW Research Shows COVID-19 Vaccine Gets Less Effective Over Time!

It was only last year when we were struggling with coronavirus and the world was shut. The drastic spread of the virus was hard to cope with and the world faced the loss of several lives. It was only later after some time when the doctors found the medicine of the same. We all got our doses and thankfully are still recovering from all the loss- emotionally, mentally, physically as well as economically. But here’s a catch.

If the research is to be believed, it is reported that the covid-19 vaccine will get less effective over time. Yes, you heard that right, the research conducted by the UTSW confirmed that the validity of the vaccine is short and it may get less effective on people over time. But don’t worry!

UTSW Research Shows COVID-19 Vaccine Gets Less Effective Over Time

Doctors are already forcing people to get the boosters, these booster and variant-specific vaccines are available all over the world that is required to have. This is especially true for the elders who are at the most risk and later the children. Youth should also get the boosters as their effect may be way-off with time.

UTSW Research Shows COVID-19 Vaccine Gets Less Effective Over Time!

The vaccine called Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 is the one that may limit hospitalization, death from the virus, and transmission. Ones who are even infected by the covid-19 virus can get effective antibodies with the help of this Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19. Although a good vaccine, its effectiveness may diminish as you get old.

The study was done by UT Southwestern researchers who concluded that the vaccine’s effectiveness may not be stable with age and one needs to have boosters and variant-specific vaccinations to cope with the deadly virus. 

The elderly are still suspected to be victims of this virus. Why? Because of their antibody functions! The antibody functions decrease with age and make the elderly susceptible to the severity of the covid-19 illness. The research highlighted how to develop different approaches for the elderly, and how the world needs to handle vulnerable individuals cautiously. It was said by the M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine and Immunology- Lenette Lu. 

Lenette Lu works in the Division of Infectious Diseases and Geographic Medicine. The doctor is also a lead author in a paper that got published about the same called Cell Reports.

Post the outbreak of coronavirus, there have been a lot of new variants like Delta and omicron. The effectiveness of the vaccine decreased with the variants and was said to be less effective. It could not neutralize SARS-CoV-2. Due to this, we could see an increased rate of infection, but anyhow those who were infected by COVID-19 were protected against the severity of the disease leading to death.

Effects were not that severe but still were unplanned in the due course of the Covid 19 outbreak. The research was conducted on different individuals on the effectiveness of the vaccine and how it works on different age groups. It was concluded that with age, old people lose their antibodies and get suspected of deadly viruses. Coronavirus is one of the most dangerous ones that the elderly need the most protection from. 

Individuals who were over the age of 65 or more susceptible because of their body functioning. This should be getting the booster vaccine every now and then to help them protect against the coronavirus.

The severity of the disease and its variants may increase over time. The doctors are suggested to make and work on the COVID-19 vaccines. Older adults are at the most risk and should get their booster and variant-specific vaccines- this should not be taken casually! 

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