Urobilinogen in Urine – What It Is, Levels and Tests

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There are opinions which claim that natural sunlight can also decrease a high bilirubin level in babies. However, you should not decide about it on your own as babies’ skin is very delicate and sensitive to sunlight and you can only do more harm than good.

If your baby suffers from a high bilirubin level, the diet is extremely important too. Doctors recommend to feed such a baby even twelve times a day as it can boost the functioning of the liver and prevent dehydration.

A baby who suffers from jaundice always has to be controlled by a doctor. Just by looking at the baby’s skin he will be able to tell you if it’s getting better. In very rare cases the blood transfusion may be needed in order to get rid of jaundice.

Urobilinogen in Urine – Final Comments

A lot of people, when they do their regular check-up at their doctor’s and it turns out that the level of urobilinogen in urine is too high, don’t take it too seriously. The reason for that is because only a few of us are aware what it means, and because they often don’t experience any worrying symptoms.

However, when the level of urobilinogen in your urine is too high or too low, it’s an alarming sign for you that there might be something wrong in the functioning of your liver.

Low values of urobilinogen in urine are identified less commonly and it’s easier to identify the cause of it. For example, it appears quite often after you took antibiotics. It may also be caused by the failure in the bile production or a clogged bile passage.

High values of urobilinogen in urine, however, are identified much more frequently and there are various causes which might cause that state. Most of them include liver diseases, such as poisoning of your liver, hepatic infection, liver cirrhosis, excess hematoma, excess production of urobilinogen, liver overburdening, or the excessive breakdown of your red blood cells.

As there are so many various possible causes of high level of urobilinogen in urine, your doctor for sure will order you to do some additional tests. It’s also very important to observe your body and tell your specialist about all the worrying symptoms you have been experiencing recently.

For instance, think if you have been feeling any abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting recently. Tell your doctor if you feel tired or sleepy all the time or if you have unexpectedly lost some weight. If you consume a lot of alcohol, take drugs, or your diet is really poor, don’t keep it a secret.

All these things may help your specialist find the cause of high urobilinogen level in urine. The problem with liver is that, even if there is something wrong with the organ, it doesn’t give any worrying symptoms for a long time.

That’s why it’s extremely important to take regular blood and urine tests. These painless, quick, and safe tests can often detect a health problem in an early stage when it’s still easily curable.

Urobilinogen in Urine – What It Is, Levels and Tests
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