Upper and Middle Back Pain: 10 Best Exercises for You

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Stand on the floor with a straight posture. Put your arms behind your back so that your elbows hold on to each other. With your head slightly tipped back try to move your elbows close to each other. Try to stay in this position for about ten seconds. Repeat the movement five times.

3.     Backward Leg Swing

This exercise is beneficial for your back and for your legs. It will improve your body balance and strengthen your spine. Its great advantage is that you can do it almost everywhere. Backward leg swing is a great exercise for office workers as all you need to perform it is a chair to hold on.

Stand straight and hold on a chair for a better balance. Now just swing your left leg diagonally in opposite directions. When your leg is back, try to swing it even a little bit more so that you can feel a gentle stretch at the back of your thigh.

Return to the starting position and do the same with your right leg. Repeat the exercise at least five times for each leg.

4.     Cat Stretch

This exercise is one of the most essential positions in yoga. It’s recommended to everyone, even for pregnant women who deal with or want to prevent pain in their upper and middle back.

To perform the exercise you need to position yourself like a cat – on all your fours. It’s important that you body is equally supported. Your back should stay flat during the exercise. Now you have to stretch the way cats do so drop your head up and hold in this position for fifteen seconds. Repeat the exercise three times.

5.     Chest Stretch

Another fantastic stretching exercise, which will help you to deal with the pain in your upper and middle back. A chest stretch is also a great warm up exercise before a more intense workout.

Stand straight on the floor and bend your knees a little bit. Now you must clasp your hands, but behind your back. Try to move your hands up so that you can feel your body stretching. Make sure, however, that you don’t strain too much. Hold the position for around twenty seconds. You can repeat the activity three times.

6.     Bridge Pose

A bridge pose is an extremely effective exercise when done regularly. It will open your front body and strengthen your spine. It’s important, however, not to put pressure on your neck while doing the exercise. The best way to avoid it is by gazing at a certain point on the ceiling while performing the activity.

Lie on the floor and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. They should be a few centimeters away from your tailbone. If you can touch your heels with the tips of your fingers, it means it’s ok.

Your shoulders should be pressed into the floor and slightly tucked further to your back. This way your chest will puff out a little bit forward. Now press your feet into the floor and put your hips as high as you can.

You can clasp your hands underneath your body and then move your hips even a little bit higher. Stay in this position for about fifteen seconds. However, try to stay concentrated on your body posture – it should be flexed and firm.

Now unclasp our hands and slowly put your body on the floor. Repeat the exercise three times. Be careful, move slowly and be aware of your body while doing the exercise.

7.     Cobra Pose

Cobra Pose is another essential position, which will quickly stretch and strengthen your back. The exercise will improve your posture and release the tension that accumulates in your back. As a result it will help you if you feel pain in your upper and middle back.

What you need to do is lie on your stomach, with your face down and body long. Put your hands underneath your shoulders. While you inhale, engage your back muscles to curl your chest up. You may even lift your hands for a short moment to see if you really engage your back muscles.

Now try to stretch deeply, having in mind that the bend should mainly come from your back and from your hands. Hold the position for a moment and repeat the exercise twice.

8.     Passive Backbend

As pain in the upper and middle back is often a consequence of stress in our every day, you should introduce some exercises which will help you relax and release the tension that accumulated in in your muscles after a long and tiring day.

A passive backbend is just perfect to achieve that as you can actually meditate while performing the pose. It’s advised to hold the position for at least three minutes, but the longer, the better. If you introduce this relaxing exercise into your everyday life, you will quickly see that your back is more flexible, your body is more relaxed, and your posture is better.

Upper and Middle Back Pain: 10 Best Exercises for You
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