Upper and Middle Back Pain: 10 Best Exercises for You

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Upper and Middle Back Pain - 10 Best Exercises for YouFeeling pain in upper and middle back is probably one of the most common types of pain adult population suffers from. It’s no wonder as a sedentary lifestyle we tend to lead nowadays just cannot be good to our back.

Unfortunately, when we feel pain in our upper and middle back, we don’t seek the causes of it and we don’t connect the problem with our bad habits. Instead we turn to painkillers or we ask our doctor about possible treatments and operations.

However, when we often feel pain in our back, we should ask ourselves a question if we are physically active as in most cases simple exercises done regularly may quickly resolve our problems with painful back.

First of all, you need to know what the main causes of pain in upper and middle back are. Only then you can have a closer look at your daily routines and see what needs to be changed.

What Are The Main Causes of Upper and Middle Back Pain

There are various reasons why you may feel pain in your upper and middle back, but the most common one is something as simple as bad posture. Try to observe the way you walk or sit and for sure you will notice that there is something wrong with it. Keep your posture straight, stop slouching, and it’s possible that the pain in your back won’t be so intense.

If the pain in your upper and middle back came out of nowhere, it’s possible that you’ve simply strained a muscle. It often happens after a sudden movement or after carrying something heavy. The good news, however, is that this type of pain is not chronic and it will go away if you rest for a few days and do gentle stretching exercises.

Another common reason of upper and middle back pain is a condition known as herniated disc or slipped disc. It happens when one of the discs that are in your spine presses on the nerves, which of course may result in pain in your back.

Probably you feel surprised and disappointed if you feel pain in your back despite the fact that you exercise regularly. Unfortunately, the fact that you exercise does not mean that you won’t feel pain in different parts of the body as they key is not only to exercise, but to exercise in a right way.

We often start some physical activity without any consultation with a professional. For example, we start going to the gym or running, but we don’t know if we do it right and if it’s actually good for our spine. The fact is that even a simple exercise may lead to an injury or strained muscles if you do it wrong.

Sometimes, however, the pain in the upper and middle back occurs as a result of excessive exercising. If you got into training too much and you do it every day, your muscles don’t have time to rest and recuperate. If you don’t give yourself a certain amount of rest, your body will not get stronger, but weaker. You will strain your muscles and start feeling pain in your back. Remember that relaxing should be as important as exercising.

Of course, there are many other reasons why you may feel pain in your upper and middle back, but these are the most common ones and it’s often just enough to change your daily habits to free yourself from pain.

10 Best Exercises for Upper and Middle Back Pain

You need to face the truth – if you want to stay healthy and be free of pain you need to start exercising regularly. The physical activities described in this section will bring positive effects to your mind and body.

You will quickly feel more relaxed, healthier and your body will be stronger. Providing that you don’t have any serious spinal disorders, the exercises are safe and their main aim is to help people who suffer from chronic pain in their upper and middle back.

1.     Sitting Toe Touch

It is one of the most basic exercises that will fantastically stretch your back in a timely fashion. Sit comfortably on the floor with your back straight. Now slowly bend so that you can reach your toes. You should feel that your back stretches while you are trying to reach your toes. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat the movement three times.

Be careful, though, and don’t do it at a push as you may hurt yourself. Don’t worry if during your first attempts, you aren’t able to touch your toes. If you keep doing the exercise regularly, you will see that every day the tips of your fingers are going a little bit further and closer to your toes.

2.     Elbow Squeeze

Another simple and effective exercise that will wonderfully stretch your back. What’s more, you can do this activity almost everywhere, even at work or while watching TV.

Upper and Middle Back Pain: 10 Best Exercises for You
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