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U.S. Allows Chevron To Resume Oil Production In Venezuela!



U.S. Allows Chevron To Resume Oil Production In Venezuela!

According to the latest updates, Chevron is all set to resume the Venezuela oil output. As the USA eased the sanctions the former is all set to resume the needed in the same.

Chevron Corp has received the license to resume oil production in Venezuela after America’s sanctions halted all the activities a few years ago. It was 3 years ago when the Biden administration stopped the supply post the halt in the drilling activities and now when it’s clear, the license is issued again.

U.S. Allows Chevron To Resume Oil Production In Venezuela

The plan is to work together and promote the humanitarian spending plan. The team all well devises it, here the reprieve followed the resumption of talks where it was all planned well. Venezuela’s political factions on Saturday planned a deal to work it out on a humanitarian basis and follow the spending plan accordingly.

U.S. Allows Chevron To Resume Oil Production In Venezuela!

Chevron Corp got the license for 6 months that was issued by the US Office of Foreign Assets Control OFAC. It has also said to authorize the company and make sure it produces crude oil and other petroleum products in the projects in the region of Venezuela. According to the US Office of Foreign Assets Control, all the protocols will be followed and this general license is being given by the US Treasury Department.

The company has to carry out its maintenance and repair as the oil fields are their duty. There is no new drilling authorized in the same and the company will look into the repairs and maintenance.

What was the situation in 2020? As we all know the US halted the drilling operation in the year 2020. It was only then that Chevron Corp used to have 15,000 barrels a day as its share of production of crude oil to Venezuela. This was less than a single oil field production in the area of Permian.

What about San Ramon? According to the news, San Ramon is also allowed to resume the same exports that were halted since 2019. San Ramon is the California-based driller who was again halted by the officials back in the year 2019. Now they can also resume crude exports only after the USA ratcheted up sanctions. These sanctions were ratcheted against the OPEC producer. All of these exports have to go to the US and later the company would be allowed to import feedstocks. These feedstocks include diluents that are used to bolster crude production from America.

This decision by OFAC has proven to be beneficial, now all the transparency will be there for the Venezuelan oil section. It was informed by the Chevron representative that they are happy with the decision, and the same was released as the official email statement across the two parties. The formal agreements stated the General License no 41. It states about Chevron is now being allowed to commercialize the oil. It was earlier being produced from the company’s joint venture assets but not anymore.


It eased the curbs around the oil departments and the nation’s crude oil production. This license is a little way to combat the energy crisis in the country. It has sparked inflation and also slowed growth across the globe but will be of little help to the people. 

Now the oil production has rebounded to 679,000 barrels a day, far less than the other 2.9 million barrels used to be here 10 years ago. Venezuela won’t get any profits from sales as it’s already paying the old debt to Chevron. The license will be available from May 26 to next year! 

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