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Tingling in The Left Arm – Causes and Best Home Remedies

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Tingling in The Left Arm – Causes and Best Home RemediesTingling in one of the arms is quite a common phenomenon with the left arm being affected more often. Some people when feeling it, start to panic as they think it’s a sign of heart attack. However, if it’s the only symptom you experience, it’s rather nothing serious.

People who experience tingling in the left arm, say that it’s a feeling as if their limb has fallen asleep. It results in a tingling sensation or numbness. Very rarely it may be a sign of some more serious disease, especially when it’s chronic. When it happens only occasionally, however, it’s rather nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, tingling in the left arm can be really annoying and cause some discomfort. Thus, learn what the most common causes of this phenomenon are and how you can stop it with the best home remedies.

What Are The Causes of Tingling in The Left Arm

The most common cause of the tingling feeling in the left arm is also the most trivial one as it’s poor circulation of blood. When that’s the case, you will experience tingling in the left arm mainly at night, after sleeping in an uncomfortable position, in which you pressed your arm and the blood couldn’t circulate.

It may also happen if you wear some tight jewelry on your left arm. In both cases your problem will disappear after a few minutes, but you only need to change your position or remove the tight piece of jewelry.

Tingling in the left arm may also be caused by deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals. These compounds play an important part in functioning of our nerve system so if you have a poor diet, it’s possible that your organism lacks certain vitamins or minerals.

You should especially pay attention to vitamins from B group as well as potassium and magnesium. You can have a deficiency of these minerals if you drink a lot of coffee, alcohol, or you live under a lot of stress.

In fact, consuming too much alcohol is often the cause of tingling in the left arm or other parts of your body. Alcohol can damage your nerves, which leads to a condition known as alcoholic neuropathy. What’s more, alcoholics often have a poor diet, which also contributes to problem with nerves.

The feeling of tingling is sometimes caused by an injury or an intense workout. An injury can limit the blood circulation or compress one of your nerves, which may result in tingling in the left arm.

Certain medicines may cause, as a side effect, nerve damage, but it happens very rarely and in most cases once you stop taking the medicines, the tingling in the left arm stops. If you take some medicines, read the possible side effects in the instruction and inform your doctor about your worrying symptoms.

It happens quite often that tingling in different parts of your body, including the left arm is caused by our sedentary lifestyle. For example, if your repeat some movement over and over again, you can constrict some of your nerves and slow down the blood circulation.

Thus, tingling in the left or right arm is a common problem of people who work on the computer. In a medical world the condition is known as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Another cause of tingling in the left arm is a thoracic outlet syndrome, which happens as a consequence of poor body posture. For example, it may happen because of pregnancy or obesity when some nerve in your body got compressed.

Our nerves may also get damaged when some heavy metals, such as thallium, mercury, arsenic, or lead, are present in our body. These metals can be responsible for tingling in the left arm.

Tingling in the left arm or other parts of your body is sometimes caused by some more serious diseases. Similarly to the above described cases damage of some nerve occurs, but as a consequence of blood, vascular, kidney, or liver diseases.

Various infections, such as herpes simplex, lyme disease, or HIV may give various symptoms, including tingling in the left arm. Autoimmune diseases are sometimes to blame as well as they often lead to nerves damage or inflammation. Also, it happens very rarely that a genetic condition, known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder is the culprit of tingling in the left arm.

The most serious causes of tingling in the left arm are heart attack and stroke. In case of these conditions, however, the tingling will appear quite suddenly and will be accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain in your shoulder or jaw, slurred speech, or a droopy face.

As you can see there are various possible causes of the condition. Some of them are very trivial, others are more worrisome. If tingling in the left arm happens frequently, chronically, or it’s accompanied by other symptoms, consult your doctor as it’s easier to solve every health problem if you know what causes it.

Tingling in The Left Arm – Best Home Remedies

Tingling in the left arm rarely indicates something serious, but it’s very annoying and for sure you would like to get rid of it quickly. Try some safe and natural home remedies, which may help you forget about the problem. Most of the methods are about relaxing your muscles and boosting blood circulation.

1.      Try Warm Compress

Warm compress is probably the easiest an cheapest solution you can try. It can reduce the symptoms in case of an injury, swelling, inflammation, and tingling in the left arm.

Tingling in The Left Arm – Causes and Best Home Remedies
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