Throwing Up Bile: Causes, Treatments and Best Home Remedies

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The condition should be consulted with a doctor as inability to eat for a few days may lead to dehydration, which is potentially dangerous, especially in case of children.

5.     Other Causes of Throwing Up Bile

Other causes of throwing up bile include drug or alcohol use as they can seriously irritate delicate lining of your stomach or trigger your brain receptors, which will tell you to throw up. Vomiting bile can especially occur after binge drinking.

Another cause is a cyclical vomiting syndrome. It is a rare condition and its main symptom is sudden and violent vomiting, which occurs for an unexplained reason. You can also throw up bile if your stomach is empty.

Throwing Up Bile – What Treatment to Expect

Throwing up bile is a symptom which should be examined by a professional. Of course, the treatment will depend on the cause of your problem. In case of intestinal blockage a surgical operation is the most probable treatment you can expect.

A surgeon may remove what causes the obstruction or a damaged part of your intestine. Sometimes a stent is installed in your intestine. It is a special wire mesh tube, which keeps the area open and relieves the blockage. Each case is treated individually, but the surgery is recommended only if nothing else works.

If you suffer from cyclic vomiting disorder, your doctor will recommend you a thorough observation of your organism so that you could find out what triggers vomiting. If you avoid the triggers, get enough sleep, and eat regularly light meals, it’s likely that you will fade the syndrome out.

Bile reflux is usually treated with the use of certain medicines, such as ursodeoxycholic acid, which changes the composition of bile. Thanks to that it can flow through your body more easily, but it can lead to diarrhea. Bile acid sequestrants are also an option often chosen by doctors. They disrupt the bile circulation, but they sometimes cause bloating.

If they medicines don’t work, an operation may be suggested but it’s always a last resort. The surgery involves creating a connection to your small intestine so that bile stops draining into your stomach. It’s a procedure used to treat obesity as well.

If cancer is diagnosed, remember that it’s not a death sentence. There are various possible treatments, which include chemotherapy, radiation, surgery of the tumor, or a targeted therapy.

If throwing up bile is only incidental for you, for example because of alcohol consumption, food poisoning or stomach flu, the most important measure you should take is drinking water and electrolytes to supplement all the minerals you lost while vomiting.

If your stomach flu is caused by bacteria, you will have to take antibiotics. Your doctor can also prescribe you so called antiemetics, which may limit the frequency of throwing up episodes.

Home Remedies for Throwing Up Bile

If throwing up bile is a consequence of some condition, you will require a medical treatment. However, you can always supplement medicines with simple and natural home remedies. They can also be very effective if throwing up bile is just incidental, for example due to alcohol consumption.

1.     Drink Water

Staying hydrated should be a key rule for you if you’ve been dealing with throwing up bile, no matter if it’s chronic or only occasional. Water protects you from dehydration which is connected with vomiting. It can also regulate the formation of bile.

Therefore, drink at least eight glasses a day, but don’t drink large amount of water at a time as it will only result in frequent urination. Instead, sip the water throughout the day. A good tip is always keeping a small bottle of water in your bag.

2.     Eat Regularly

If you suffer from throwing up bile, you should take double care of your diet and it’s not only about what you eat, but also how much and how often. As in case of any stomach problem, you should avoid fatty, spicy, or over-processed food products as they can only additionally irritate your stomach lining.

What’s more, your shouldn’t skip your meals because as when you do so, it’s probable that you end up with one, big meal a day, which makes you feel completely full. It’s much better to eat smaller portions, but more frequently. It can help you regulate the work of your digestive tract.

3.     Go For Anti-Nausea Herbs

If you often deal with throwing up bile, try drinking anti-nausea herbs. You can drink such tea when you feel that vomiting is about to happen or just afterwards as it can soothe your irritated and inflamed stomach.

Ginger tea or cinnamon tea would be the best options as they can successfully relieve throwing up, inflammation, and nausea. You can buy ready tea in a herbal store or prepare it on your own with the use of fresh ginger or cinnamon powder.

Throwing Up Bile: Causes, Treatments and Best Home Remedies
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