Teen Wise Parents
Why Do They Act That Way?
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Why Do They Act That Way?
By Dr. David Walsh
 With Nat Bennett
Free Press,
ISBN 0-7432-6071-6


Dr. Dave Walsh, the president and founder of the National Institute on Media and the Family, will be featured on the Jane Pauley Show, Thursday, October 7, 2004. Consult local times and stations for the nationally broadcast program.

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With answers to these questions and many more... nationally renowned psychologist and President of the National Institute on Media and the Family, David Walsh, Ph.D. shares the real instigator of adolescent angst and havoc - not hormones, not peer pressure. In his new book, WHY DO THEY ACT THAT WAY?: A Survival Guide to the Adolescent Brain for You and Your Teen, with breakthrough new research, Dr. Walsh reveals precisely what is going on inside a typical teenager's head.

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"…a powerful, practical book . …" --Mary Pipher, Ph.D., author, Reviving Ophelia
"…a thoughtful, practical and down-to-earth guide…" --Gail Saltz, M.D., Today Show Mental Health Contributor, author of Becoming Real
"…combines science, psychology, and direct experience…" --Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Driven to Distraction, The Childhood Roots of Adult Happiness, and Dare to Forgive

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