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Resources and Links:

Overall children's health:

Screen Time
Screen Time: What you view

For Parents:
MediaWise®: "Watch What Your Kids Watch":
TV Turnoff Network:
Get Kids in Action: for Parents:

On-line craft ideas for kids:

Book resource: 52 Alternatives to TV by Lynn Gordon. (1996).

For Kids:
TV Turnoff Network:

For Teachers:
TV Turnoff Network:

Healthy Eating
Nutrition: What you chew

For Parents:
The National Cancer Institute's 5 a Day for Better Health initiative:
5 a Day The Color Way: Produce for Better Health Foundation:
Centers for Disease Control: Healthy Youth:
American Obesity Organization:

For Kids:
Body and Mind!:

For Teachers:
Changing the Scene - Improving the School Nutrition Environment
Source: Food and Nutrition Services, United States Department of Agriculture

Changing the Scene is a tool kit to help the local community take action to improve their school's nutrition environment. The kit includes a variety of tools to raise awareness and address school environment issues that influence student's eating and physical activity practices.

Physical Activity: What you do

For Parents:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: VERB: It's What You Do:
10 Tips to Healthy Eating and Physical Activity:
American Heart Association:
Fit Families, Fit Kids:
Expert Suggests New Ways to Fight Obesity:

For kids:
Verb: It's What You Do:
Body and Mind!:

For Teachers:
PE Central:
Take 10!: Classroom physical activity:
CDC: Physical Activity: Information for parents, teachers, and principals:
Verb: It's What You Do:


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