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The Strong Storm System In The U.S. Caused Thousands Of Aircraft Delays On Sunday!



The Strong Storm System In The U.S. Caused Thousands Of Aircraft Delays On Sunday!

The weather has always been unpredictable. What’s worse than the weather? It’s the consequence that comes along. In the USA, there has been a strong storm system that led to aircraft delays last Sunday.

The severe weather system throughout the country resulted in flight changes. Three airports in New York City asked the passengers to arrive at the airport early. This was done while keeping in mind that this time would be the busiest in terms of travelling.

Thousands Of Aircraft Delayed

According to the news, approximately 6,027 flights that were about to arrive, take off or halt in the country got delayed. Not only that but around 171 flights were cancelled. This was due to the changing weather conditions.

The Strong Storm System In The U.S. Caused Thousands Of Aircraft Delays On Sunday!

There was a huge storm system that shifted into the Northeast from the Mississippi river valley. This happened on Sunday morning and it came along with gusty winds and heavy rainfall. The combination of high wind and heavy showers led to an impact on travelling. Millions of travellers that were going to the northeast and southwest from the Midwest got late as the aircraft couldn’t fly.

According to the LaGuardia airport of New York, passengers were requested to book their parking space in advance. The operators said that the spaces were getting filled and passengers would otherwise face trouble. In one of the tweets, the airport authorities wrote that they are stressing this matter as much as they can. The passengers are urged to plan in advance and leave early, especially if they are travelling during the Thanksgiving holiday season.

Following the footsteps of LaGuardia, Newark Liberty International Airport said that the passengers are requested to plan in advance and aim to come early to the airport to board the flight. The airport also added that the roadways are already congested and due to the holiday season, many travellers are planning trips. Every holiday season indicates a high passenger volume but the storm added to the difficulties.

For instance, if you are going from Terminal A or B, you can use the service of FREE EWR VirtuaLine and it would be beneficial for you. If you use the VirtuaLine service, your spot can be secured in the security checkpoint line. This would assure that everything is planned in advance. The airport also said that since there is a rise in the number of travellers, especially during the Thanksgiving holidays, extra time would be allowed for security, travel, and check-in. This would assure that nobody’s flight is missed.

According to John F. Kennedy airport, the passengers travelling on Sunday should have planned in advance and arrived at the airport early. The airport tweeted from its verified account that takes some extra time to travel and reach early at JFK airport, park your vehicle in the spot reserved for you, and get checked in through security.

The storm that arrived in the country impacted the region and approximately 25 million people were affected by it. On Tuesday, there are chances of wind damage, tornadoes, and hail. So, the citizens are requested to take immense care of their safety and only go out if necessary.

According to the weather service, there is a possibility of severe-weather problems across the region. Due to the cold air and snow in certain areas of the northeast and Midwest, there would be significant travel delays. People are requested to stay home in case of such conditions as the weather is unpredictable.

During these times, taking immense care of your travel plans is always important.

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