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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast: Best Home Remedies

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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast - Best Home RemediesThe majority of women have experienced such a beauty problem as stretch marks after their pregnancy, especially, after the first one. Nonetheless, stretch marks are an issue, which can happen to men and women in different age.

The current article will tell you about the causes of this malaise as well as about the possible remedies. You will find here various forms of treatment for stretch marks, medical kinds as well as natural ones.

This article also comprises several tips, which will help women to avoid stretch marks while being pregnant.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks, as it can be understood from the term, are the marks left after increased skin stretching. Bluntly speaking, these marks are a kind of a scar, although it indicates the damage of internal skin layers rather than the external ones. This means, that as a result of rapid contraction or stretching of the skin, the middle skin layer called dermis is damaged.

These marks usually have the form of lines, covering the skin on buttocks, breasts, thighs and upper arms. Nonetheless, stretch marks can also appear in other parts of a body, sometimes covering a large part of it.

Unfortunately many people succeeding in loosing weight after being obese face the problem of stretch marks. Moreover, this skin change can effect young people in the period of intensive growth as well as the sportsmen, who are training hard on a regular basis.

Initially, stretch marks are red or pink, although after a period of time the scar appears as a thin silvery line.

Professional Treatment for Stretch Marks

As you will see, there is a great deal of methods proposed by retailers and cosmeticians, which can be used against stretch marks. There are some simple remedies, available in shops, for example, moisturizers. In addition to them, there are different professional approaches, for instance, surgical techniques. Nonetheless, the majority of these remedies are most effective while treating the stretch marks in their initial state, when they are red or pink.


The simplest and cheapest method for removing your stretch marks, available on the market, is with the use of commercial moisturizers. There is nothing strange, since as we have already said, stretch marks are developing because of extended skin stretching. Thus, you need to fix the elasticity of your skin and hydrate it.

Many moisturizers, offered in shops contain onion extract, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, although the ingredients may differ. Such moisturizers can be effective after around 12 weeks of daily utilizing. This remedy is mild and can help you to fix the general appearance of your skin, as well as to prevent new stretching marks.

Glycolic Acid

You can visit a pharmacist in order to purchase glycolic acid. This is a substance from the group of AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), which are widely known for their collagen-productive properties.

You may have noticed, that many modern cosmetics have such ingredient as glycolic acid, although it can be found in various food supplements for healthy skin too.

Apart from its strong revitalising activity towards your skin, it has another advantage: you can use it while being pregnant. Nonetheless, there are some restrictions on the use of this substance while being outdoors under intense sunrays.


Another extremely beneficial agent for your struggle with stretch marks is retinoic acid cream or Retin-A. Retinoic acid cream also increases the production of collagen, thus, healing stretch marks and helping to avoid new ones.

Unlike glycolic acid or moisturising lotions described before, this remedy can be very powerful for getting rid of old stretch marks. Nonetheless, there are some disadvantages of the use of this substance.

First of all, it is usually not available over-the-counter. Second of all, you shouldn’t use it during pregnancy or in case you are feeding with breast milk. In addition to it, retinoic acid cream can be harmful while being exposed to the sun, thus, you can’t use it all the time.

You can combine the use of retinoic acid cream with glycolic acid. If you choose such a strategy it is advisable to apply Retin-A first before using glycolic acid.

Egg Oil

You can also buy a substance called egg oil, which will help you to prevent stretch marks and to heal your fresh scars. You can use it during your pregnancy and after the delivery.

Vitamin E Oil

Another remedy offered by retailers is vitamin E oil. There are different opinions on this substance, since some patients haven’t noticed any difference after the continuous use of this oil, whereas many women using it after their following delivers (not after the first one) consider the remedy effective.

Nonetheless, you can always try to use this substance, for example, by adding it to your daily moisturising lotion.

Vitamin C

In order to increase the regenerating process of your skin it is highly advisable to supplement your diet with vitamin C. You can consume this substance with food, for example by eating fruit and vegetables, although you can purchase this vitamin in a pure form in order to speed up your healing process.

Vascular Laser

In case you can afford beauty procedures, you can conduct your stretch marks to a vascular laser, or else, a pulsed dye laser.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast: Best Home Remedies
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