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‘Strange World’ Bombed At The Box Office: These Are The Reasons!



‘Strange World’ Bombed At The Box Office: These Are The Reasons!

Disney’s latest released feature ‘Strange World’ which was released on the thanksgiving holiday exploded at the theaters. It became one of the most poorly performed films in recent Hollywood history.

If you take the adjusted inflation figures, it still comes behind the 2002 loser ‘Treasure Planet’. When the figures are not adjusted for inflation still it’s a tragedy, collecting only $18.6 million at the domestic box office. Things will get even worse when you hear that the movie was released in over 4,700 theaters.

But Why Did It Fail?

The media would say to you that the public is ‘bigots’ as it’s the trend recently. Some were interested in the movie’s characters, the main gay character, non-white characters, an interracial couple, and a handicapped dog.

‘Strange World’ Bombed At The Box Office: These Are The Reasons!

While this diversity is what most people think, is the turn-off for the movie; many are pointing out the main gay character. We can’t consider this the main reason the movie bombed, but it’s a possibility.

Critics consider the main reason for the movie’s failure as the lack of promotion. Strange World was in the hype and sandwiched between two heavyweights, ‘Black Panther-Wakanda Forever’ and ‘Avatar: Way Of Water. The public is asking why they didn’t put the movie on other platforms like Disney. All think that recovering some amount from the theater is way better than losing it all.

Another Possible Reason Could Be The Recession

It’s not a secret that people are being cheapskates this year on spending and we couldn’t blame anyone. We know that many are facing the problems of the rising cost of necessary items from groceries, food items, and main utilities and our paychecks aren’t keeping up with the hard times. Families might not want to spend money on a movie night, given the fact that it could cost well around $30-70 for a family of four. Even if they want to go, they’d probably choose ‘Black Panther’ or other blockbusters over ‘Strange World’

Many Will Just Wait For Disney+

‘Strange World’ Bombed At The Box Office: These Are The Reasons!

Disney has a habit of releasing its films on its streaming platform Disney+ just a couple of months after the theatrical release of the film. With the high cost of the ticket price and a busy holiday schedule, most will wait for the ‘strange World’ to release on Disney+ where they can watch it at no additional cost.

Word Of Mouth

Word-of-mouth will benefit the movie in the coming days, but critical reviews won’t. Reviews are mainly very mixed to below average for the movie, mainly criticizing the story. Without a solid story, a movie’s representation and diversity won’t matter.

We can conclude that the movie failed due to 3 main reasons which are a lack of an effective promotion from the producers, a very average story, and people’s indifference to the perfect representation in the movie.

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