Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Life Expectancy and Treatment

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Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Life Expectancy and Treatment
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Therefore, be careful with milk, egg whites, lean meat, or fish. Eat them in moderation, preferably after the consultation with a dietitian.

4. Reduce Sodium

Even a healthy person is usually recommended to reduce the intake of sodium or salt in his or her daily diet as most of us consume too much of it nowadays. Kidneys in the stage 4 of chronic kidney disease are unable to filter salt from the body properly, thus, you need to cut down on it.

Avoid foods which are rich in sodium, such as cheese, ready-made meals, bacon, ham, pickles, or processed food. Don’t add much salt to your meals cooked at home too. Remember that salt may also cause fluid retention and edema (swelling).

5. Be Careful with Fluids

A healthy person is always recommended to stay well hydrated as it’s the key to good health. In case of stage 4 of chronic kidney disease, however, you should reduce the amount of water you drink on a daily basis.

In your case too much water can cause excess fluid retention. Therefore, the rule is that patients with kidney disease should drink the amount of urine they peed out the day before.

6. Other Dietary Tips

If apart from chronic kidney disease, you also suffer from diabetes, you need to balance carbohydrates too. In order to manage the cholesterol level, decrease the amount of saturated fats. If your blood pressure is too high, limit calcium intake as well.

A good idea is to take water soluble vitamins, for example vitamin C or vitamins from group B. Nevertheless, the amount of over-the-counter supplements should be limited as well and taken only if your nephrologist approves of that.

As you can see there are many dietary restrictions, which you should follow. At the same time, however, it’s important that your organism gets all the important vitamins and minerals. That’s why the best idea is to ask a good dietitian for advice.

How to Keep Your Kidney Disease Under Control

It is true that stage 4 of chronic kidney disease is severe, but it is not a death sentence. A lot depends on you and your approach towards the disease. If you combine a medical treatment with dietary changes and you will thoroughly follow all the rules your doctor gave you, there is still a chance for you for a long and happy life.

What’s more, various studies prove that a patient’s positive attitude has a great influence on the effectiveness of the medical therapy. The progression of the disease may drastically slow down or even stop. Also, don’t forget that new medicines and treatments are still being developed and it’s probably only a matter of time until the cure for chronic kidney disease is found.

In your fight against chronic kidney disease you should focus on treating the complications which result from your kidney disease, controlling your other health problems, and preventing or managing a heart disease.

In order to control your other health problems, such as blood hypertension or diabetes, you need to do exactly what your doctor tells you to do. Sometimes, you will have to take some extra medicines as the part of your treatment, for example angiotensin receptor blockers.

Additionally, monitor your blood pressure regularly if you have diabetes or you are in the risk group of developing the condition. In order to manage high blood pressure cut down on salt or lose some weight if you are overweight.

If you are in stage 4 of chronic kidney disease, it’s highly probable that you suffer from other health problems too. Most commonly they include high blood pressure, heart or blood vessel problems, poor nutritional health, mineral and bone problems, or anemia.

It’s very important to follow your treatment plan thoroughly if you experience any of the above mentioned health problems. Your therapy should combine medicines, exercises, and a healthy diet. Only then you can improve the quality of your life and prevent appearing further health disorders.

It’s also extremely important to prevent or manage heart disease. The sad truth is that more people with chronic kidney disease die because of heart disease than kidney failure. It is a consequence of all the additional health problems that the patients need to deal with.

If you need to cope with high blood pressure, your arteries may become thicker and narrower. That makes clots easier to form, which often leads to a stroke or a heart attack. You heart may also get thicker or enlarged. Thus, in case of blood hypertension you need to take medicines prescribed by your doctor, lose some weight, and cut down on salt.

Diabetes, if uncontrolled, may become very dangerous too as it causes the accumulation of fats in your arteries. They may lead to a clot formation and later to a stroke or a heart attack. Therefore, it’s really important to check and control your blood sugar regularly, follow a sensible diet, and take medications if your doctor prescribed you any.

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