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‘Sister Wives Meri Brown’s 32-Year Marriage To Kody Is Over



'Sister Wives Meri Brown's 32-Year Marriage To Kody Is Over

If you are someone who follows Hollywood gossip religiously, you’d know that marriages, dating, and breakups are too common in the industry. Every day, one or the other couple of the industry calls it off.

This time, the step has been taken by Kody Brown and Meri Brown. The revelation came when Meri talked about it in her popular show – Sister Wives. In one of the episodes – One on One Special, Meri said that she was married to Kody for 32 years and now their relationship has come to an end. It was Kody’s decision but Meri is open to reconciliation.

Meri Brown Confirms Split With Kody Brown After 32- Years Of Marriage

The episode was telecast on Sunday when the 51-year-old talked about her relationship with Sukanya Krishnan; the host. A video of Kody Brown was played in the background and after watching the same, Meri said that he doesn’t accept his marriage. In that video, Kody was heard saying that if Meri feels like she wants to move on and marry someone else then he would not argue it. After hearing those words, the host asked how was she feeling.

Meri Brown Confirms Split With Kody Brown After 32- Years Of Marriage

To that Meri Brown confessed that how Kody reacted didn’t make sense. Earlier when Christine Brown (former wife of Kody) decided to split from her husband and didn’t talk or consult with him, it left Kody really frustrated. But now Kody has done the same thing to Meri Brown and he seems fine with it. According to Meri, Kody never discussed ending the marriage with her.

In November 2021, Christine and Kody spilt after a long marriage of more than 25 years. During that episode, a sneak peek for another episode was displayed where Kody Brown and Janelle Brown (this 3rd wife) confirm the divorce.

Discussing more the marriage, Meri said that although there’s been trouble in paradise for a long time, the separation still felt really painful. She said that the couple lived in Flagstaff and Kody made her believe that he was trying hard to make things work. Reminiscing her initial phase of marriage, Meri Brown said that her first wedding anniversary in Flagstaff was all cheers and happiness.

But the last anniversary was the complete opposite. When Kody arrived, he asked why Meri had called him here as they don’t act as a married couple anymore. Replying to him, Meri said that if this is the stage of their relationship, it is important to speak about it publicly. To that Kody said that he isn’t interested in doing that because he doesn’t want to face any kind of judgment.

Discussing the issue more, Sukanya Krishnan asked about the current status of their relationship and if Meri is still married or if she is deciding. To that, the sister’s wife said that Kody has already decided for them.

In the latest episodes, Meri is seen living with the family, even when Kody Brown has denied his interest in staying married to her.

About Sister Wives

Sister Wives began in 2010. It shows the life of Kody Brown who has 18 children with four wives (Christine, Robyn, Meri, and Janelle). The show tells us how the world is progressing with a polygamy mindset. All the wives live together happily and all their issues and hardships are resolved with love and honesty.

Sister Wives

In the first season, the plot revolved around Kody’s marriage to Robyn. The show airs on TLC every Sunday at 10 p.m. If you want to know more about this polygamist family and their relationship, tune into the show and explore different dynamics.