10 Incredible Health Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin and Hair

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin and HairSesame oil has been widely used in Asia for ages. In western countries, however, it is not so commonly known. It’s a shame as its amazing qualities have already been described in ancient times. Therefore, people in China, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Middle East use it every day and it’s an ordinary element of their cuisine.

What makes sesame oil so exceptional is its truly unbelievable composition. It’s a natural source of antioxidants called sesamol, sesamin, and sesamolin oils. Moreover, it also includes various important vitamins such as folic acid, pyridoxine, thiamin, niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B and E.

Sesame oil is also full of saturated fat, omega-6 linoleic acid, and oleic acid. What’s more, it consists of minerals which are essential to maintain good health, such as zinc, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, manganese, calcium, copper, and iron.

This powerful oil is of course obtained from sesame seeds, which are professionally known as Sesamum indicum. They are tiny seeds in a yellow or brown color, which can mostly be found in Africa, but they are also grown on the Indian subcontinent, but in much smaller amounts.

As with every type of oil it is extremely important to use the one which is top quality. Sesame oil is the most beneficial when it’s ripe and that happens when the outer layer of the seeds burst. In Asian countries sesame oil is rather inexpensive as there are many various techniques of obtaining the oil, most of which are usually cheap.

The most common methods of extracting sesame oil include hot or cold pressing, toasting seeds, and by using the way of hot water flotation. Unfortunately, there are also different techniques of processing the oil, some of which require chemical substances. The highest quality sesame oil should be processed manually.

The fact that it’s often processed manually is the biggest problem concerning sesame oil as the technique is very time-consuming and that means that there is always a greater demand than supply. Moreover, in order to produce just once ounce of this oil, you need plenty of sesame seeds. These are the reasons why sesame oil is less popular than other oils obtained from vegetables.

The fact that it has become more popular recently may lead to chemical, unhealthy methods of processing the oil. Therefore, before you purchase it, make sure that it comes from an ecological and reliable source. It’s good if it was obtained by a method of cold pressing as it doesn’t lose its wonderful nutrients and antioxidants then.

It’s no wonder that sesame oil has gained more and more popularity recently as it’s considered to be one of the most healthy oils in the world. It’s a wonderful solution to problems with your skin or hair. It can be beneficial for your bones, heart, and blood pressure.

There are some scientific studies which have shown that sesame oil may prevent some types of cancer. It can boost our digestive system, help your teeth, or even be a remedy to mental problems such as anxiety or depression.

Sesame oil is packed with organic compounds, minerals, vitamins, and other healing components. Have a look at some wonderful properties of sesame oil and undoubtedly you will include it in your everyday diet.

1. Beautiful Skin

The key to smooth, elastic skin without wrinkles or other signs of aging is providing it with a proper amount of antioxidants, zinc, vitamin E and B and all of these components may be found in sesame oil. If you want your skin to be well moisturized and hydrated, just rub it gently into your skin instead of your regular cream you use in the evening.

Sesame oil is also a natural protection from ultraviolet rays, which are dangerous to our skin. Before you go to the beach just massage a little amount of sesame oil into your skin, you won’t get tanned and your skin will remain healthy. Take sesame oil to a swimming pool too as it can prevent your skin from the drying effect of the chlorine present in swimming pool water.

If you are a parent of an infant, you should always have a small bottle of sesame oil at home as it’s a natural remedy to a diaper rash, a common skin irritation among little babies. Just apply a thin layer of sesame oil on the affected area of your baby’s skin and the rash should quickly go away. Moreover, you can use sesame oil to some small scrapes, abrasions, or cuts and they will heal faster.

People who deal with acne should use sesame oil regularly too. It might sound surprising but it is a solution to oily skin. Massage it into your skin every day and you will clean clogged pores of the skin, eliminate the bacteria that cause acne, and later prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Try to use sesame oil for a few weeks instead of cosmetics from your chemist’s and eliminate your skin problems in a natural and safe way.

2. Shiny Hair

Sesame oil might be the answer to all your problems with hair. It has been successfully used for ages by people who deal with hair loss. All you need to do is gently massage some sesame oil into your scalp before you wash your hair.

Leave it like that for a half an hour and then wash your hair as always. Follow the method regularly and you should quickly notice that you don’t lose so much hair anymore and it’s thick again.

It hasn’t been mentioned yet that sesame oil has wonderful anti-bacterial qualities too. Therefore, it can be successfully used to eliminate various pathogens and foreign bodies, which want to accumulate on your scalp. That’s the reason why sesame oil is often used to defeat lice infestations. You can also try it if you’ve been struggling with dandruff or dry hair and scalp.

Every woman dreams about healthy, strong hair and with sesame oil the dream may come true. Beneficial ingredients of this powerful liquid may solve your problems with brittle, dull hair and split ends.

The key to success, however, is to use the oil regularly. It’s a good idea to rub it into your skin and hair, wrap it with a warm towel and stay like that for about half an hour before you wash your hair. This way your scalp and hair will absorb all the beneficial ingredients better.

Moreover, start using sesame oil the day you observed the first grey hairs on the head as the process of going grey may still be stopped and your hair will get a darker tone in a natural way. Also, sesame oil will naturally protect your hair from dangerous sunlight.

3. Strong and White Teeth

It’s possible that your dentist has recommended you sesame oil due to its exceptional antibacterial properties. This wonderful oil will help you eliminate dental plaque, which is the source of many dangerous bacteria, such as streptococcus mutant that may lead to some serious diseases. The oil will also guarantee you white teeth and a beautiful smile.

The method known as oil pulling is the most effective when it comes to taking care of your oral cavity with the use of sesame oil. To do it you only need a tablespoon of raw sesame oil. You put it in your mouth, but you mustn’t swallow it. The technique is effective when you carefully chew the oil in order to mix it with your saliva. Keep the oil in your mouth like that for at least fifteen minutes.

The explanation of this method is that when you chew the oil, you boost the enzymes which will sweep all the toxins out of your body. It means that after a few minutes of chewing the oil becomes toxic and that’s why you can’t swallow it.

The sign you chewed the oil long and properly enough is that it got thin and white. If after spitting it you see that it’s still yellow, you need to follow the whole procedure once again.

When you are finally sure that you’ve masticated the oil long enough, remove it from your mouth by spitting it your wash basin or toilet. Now, it’s important to clean your oral cavity thoroughly. You can do it with water mixed with salt and baking soda. Rinse your oral cavity a few times with the mixture. Then also brush your teeth, tongue and gums with a toothbrush.

Following the technique of oil pulling can solve many problems connected with oral cavity. Your teeth for sure will be whiter, the gums will stop bleeding, and if you have any loose teeth, they will be fastened. What is interesting is that, despite the fact you don’t swallow the oil, the technique may be beneficial for the whole organism.

Once you remove the toxins from your body, you will notice that you have better appetite and good metabolism. You will sleep more peacefully, feel fresher and more vital. You could follow the technique of oil pulling even three times a day until you feel better and healthier again.

However, as the method of oil pulling influences not only your mouth, but the whole organism, it’s important to follow it when your stomach is relatively empty, before meals.

4. Healthy Heart

It has been scientifically proved that sesame oil has wonderful effect on our cardiovascular system. The reason for that is because it contains a large amount of so called polyunsaturated acids, such as sesamol or sesamin, which are beneficial to our heart.

Some studies have clearly shown that people who dealt with high blood pressure ate sesame oil for at least forty five days, regained healthy blood pressure. Plus, they also lost some weight. What is worth noticing, however, is that once this group of people stopped using the oil, their blood pressure went up to the level before the therapy.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is to include sesame oil to your everyday diet as your blood pressure will be permanently kept low then. However, if you’ve already been taking some drugs for keeping your blood pressure low, you need to consult your doctor before you introduce sesame oil to your diet.

5. Strong Bones

In order to maintain strong and healthy bones they need a proper amount of certain minerals, which include calcium, copper, and zinc. Apparently, all of them are found in sesame oil. Give your children sesame oil on a regular basis and they will develop healthy bones at a good rate.

It’s wise to consume sesame oil by older people too as they often deal with age-related bones conditions, such as osteoporosis or stiff joints. Regular consumption of sesame oil will help you cure or speed the regrowth process of your bones. If you luckily don’t struggle with any bones condition yet, use the oil as a preventive measure to protect yourself from osteoporosis or stiff joints.

Sesame oil may also protect your body from developing such diseases as gout or arthritis as the oils, due to a high content of copper, has very strong anti-inflammatory qualities. Therefore, consume sesame oil every day, and you will enjoy strong and healthy bones for many years.

6. No Cold or Flu

If you often catch a cold or the flu, you should consume sesame oil as it can successfully stimulate your immunity if it’s lowered. It’s because sesame oil has amazing antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Moreover, if you often struggle with a runny nose, you can also apply sesame oil directly to your nose as it will be your natural protection against bacteria or viruses. Additionally, it’s also often used as a great solution for problems with sinus.

To use sesame oil externally to your nose, just prepare a clean eyedropper tube and pour there some of this powerful liquid. Now, blow your nose thoroughly to clean the passageways from any potential obstruction that may prevent sesame oil from absorbing.

Tilt your head back and apply one drop of oil into each nostril. Wait in this position until you can feel sesame oil at the back of your throat. You can either swallow or spit the oil out. Don’t use more than two drops of oil in each nostril. Repeat it three times a day and you should quickly struggle your sinus problems.

7. Good Mood

Sesame oil is the source of one more, very powerful compound, known as tyrosine. To put it simply, tyrosine is an amino acid which makes us feel happy.

It happens like that because tyrosine boosts the production and release of hormone called serotonin. A high level of this hormone in our organism makes us feel happier. Therefore, sesame oil is often used to deal with the problem of anxiety or depression.

What’s more, it has been scientifically proved that sesame oil, if consumed regularly, will guarantee you a peaceful sleep at night, a lot of energy in the morning, and a good mood during the day. There must be an element of truth in this theory as Greek and Roman soldiers in ancient times ate energy bars with sesame seeds during long, exhausting marches.

8. Keep Cancer Away

Sesame oil is also the source of compound known as phytate, which has appeared in various scientific studies as an important element in preventing different types of cancer. Magnesium is another mineral which is linked with colorectal cancer prevention, and of course, sesame oil is rich in this powerful compound too.

Similarly, sesame oil is rich in calcium, which can lower the risk of developing colon cancer. Sesamol and sesamin, on the other hand, may play a role in preventing and fighting different types of cancer, such as breasts, colon, leukemia, lung, prostate, pancreatic, or multiple myeloma cancers.

9. Healthy Blood

Many of us are not aware that copper and zinc are crucial for our organism as they promote the production of red blood cells. They travel through our body tissues and organs, giving us energy and good health.

People who suffer from diabetes should also consider consuming sesame oil regularly as it can successfully lower the level of glucose in our organism and therefore help us keep a good level of sugar in our organism. Consult your doctor first, though, as it may collide with your medical therapy.

10. Other Amazing Qualities

Probably you have already been convinced that it’s worth consuming sesame oil on a daily basis. However, that’s not the end of a long list of wonderful qualities of this powerful ingredient.

Use sesame oil regularly if you deal with cholesterol problems as it can help you keep a proper level of HDL, which is a good type of cholesterol and lower your LDL, which is considered to be bad cholesterol.

Sesame oil is also a good remedy or a preventive measure against vaginal infections caused by yeast. Therefore, women can add a few drops of it to warm water and use the mixture to take a good care of their intimate areas.

Sesame oil may reduce the swelling and bring immediate relief in case of annoying itching. Therefore, it can be used to cure Hemorrhoids or various kinds of rashes. If your baby boy or girl has some difficulties with sleep, you may rub a few drops of oil in his or her skin before going to bed as there is a study which proved that sesame oil may reduce sleeping difficulties. An adult can, of course, use it the same way.

Sesame oil has wonderful antioxidant and moisturizing properties, thus, is a must-have for a healthy, smooth skin. You can use it not only to prevent the skin from dangerous effects of the sun, but you can also use it if you’ve been struggling with painful sunburn.

Sesame oil is rich in vitamin E, which is essential for maintaining smooth and young looking skin. When used regularly, it will slow down the aging process of your skin and prevent unwanted wrinkles. Just apply a small amount of oil on your face instead of your night cream. Do it twice a week minimum.

You can, of course, use the oil not only to your face, but to the whole of your body. Massage some oil into your skin thoroughly and wait about fifteen minutes so that your skin will absorb it. After that time take a hot bath or a shower as warm water will open the pores of your skin and the oil will be able to penetrate deep into it.

Due to its wonderful qualities sesame oil is often used in massage therapies as when absorbed through the skin, it can boost the circulation of blood and fix damaged cells of skin so that it will look healthy. Not everyone likes the smell of sesame oil, though, that’s why it’s good to mix it with another oil with a more pleasant smell.

Can Everyone Use Sesame Oil?

The main problem concerning sesame oil is that it’s a strong allergen. You must be double conscious about this matter if you are allergic to any nuts. Sesame may lead to a mild allergy or a very sever one, which can even lead to anaphylaxis.

Pregnant women should also be careful as sesame oil might have some influence on hormones or it can lead to uterine contractions. Apart from the above mentioned cases, sesame oil is considered to be a safe ingredient.

It even appears in the International Journal of Toxicology as a safe compound of cosmetics. However, when you use it for the first time, try it on a small area of your skin to check if it doesn’t cause any irritation to you.

When consumed, it’s also worth mentioning that it should be used in small amounts as it’s an extremely rich source of omega-6 levels, which if used in larger amounts, are not beneficial for our organism.

Some people also feel a little bit worse at the beginning of the sesame oil therapy. It usually stops after a few weeks, but for your own safety it’s always better to consult the symptoms with your doctor.

10 Incredible Health Benefits of Sesame Oil for Skin and Hair
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