Right Side Pain Above Hip: Causes and Best Home Remedies

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If you observe the signals of your body and react to them, it is possible that you will solve your problem without a medical treatment or that you will detect the cause of your problem at the early stage.

Right Side Pain Above Hip – When to See a Doctor

Right side pain above hip is hardly ever a serious medical disorder. When it appears, but it is bearable and you do not experience any other symptoms, you can try to handle the problem on your own. Go for the home remedies described in the previous section or take some over-the-counter painkillers. If after a few days, however, the pain does not go away or it even gets worse, you should visit your doctor.

Make an appointment at your doctor’s if the pain lasts for longer than a few weeks, when it becomes chronic, or when it is so strong that common pain relievers do not help you and you cannot sleep or do everyday tasks because of the pain. Additionally, if you have the impression that pain gets stronger when you exercise, it is also an alarming sign.

Other worrying signs include a fever, muscle pain, signs of an infection, and pain which radiates to your groin, especially at night. Frequent constipation or diarrhea, unexplained change in your bowel movement also need a medical consultation. If the pain is shooting and it radiates to your leg, do not postpone a visit to your doctor too.

You need to be aware that right side pain above hip may indicate so many health problems that it is often impossible to find the culprit of your suffering on your own. Therefore, there are cases in which a medical consultation is a must. Also, do not forget that you may not get the diagnosis during your first visit as probably you will have to do some medical tests.

Your doctor will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms and your should tell him about them as thoroughly as you can. However, it is difficult to identify the cause of right side pain above hip based only on a medical interview and physical examination.

The medical tests which you will probably have to start with include blood tests, urine tests, and an x-ray if your doctor suspects some joint or muscle injury. Once you have the results of the medical tests, your doctor will either diagnose you or send you to do some further medical tests.

A proper diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment. For sure, your doctor will find the best possible therapy for you or he will combine it with natural remedies.

Right Side Pain Above Hip: Causes and Best Home Remedies
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