Video Game report card
The 13th Annual Report Card Introduction

For the past thirteen years the National Institute on Media and the Family has issued an annual report on the issues and opportunities electronic games present for American families. The report card has been a very effective tool to bring about reforms in marketing practices, ratings accuracy, ratings education, and ratings enforcement at the retail level. We are proud that observers have called us the "consience of the industry." This year's report card builds on our thirteen year history by offering a progress report and road map.offering practical information for parents.

As the industry has made reforms we have increasingly shifted our attention to the role of parents. This year's edition continues in that direction As the games become more sophisticated both the potential benefits and harm grow. So this year's report card will include the 2008 Parents' Guide To Video Games, an all-in-one summary that provides parents with everything they need to begin or continue making MediaWise video game choices for their kids.

We hope you find this year's report comprehensive and useful. New technology will present new opportunities as well as new challenges. We remain committed to providing parents wtth the tools and information they need to make every child's relationship with video games a healthy one and usher in a MediaWise future.

David Walsh
David Walsh, PhD

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