Pus Cells in Urine: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment: Home Remedies

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Pus Cells in Urine Symptoms, Causes, Treatment Home RemediesAre you worried about your urine, which suddenly started to look cloudy instead of being purely clear? The condition you may be suffering from is known a pyuria, which means that there are too many pus cells in your urine.

Pyuria is rarely a condition itself as most often it is only a sign of an underlying health problem. The causes of pyuria vary from minor to more serious ones and it’s very important to observe your body in order to notice other, accompanying symptoms.

Have a look at the most common symptoms that accompany pyuria and learn about the most probable causes of it. Visit your doctor in order to do certain blood and urine tests as only then your doctor may give you a proper diagnosis.

While you are waiting for your appointment or test results, it’s worth trying some easy home remedies, which will help you get rid of pus cells in your urine. Natural home remedies are often the only treatment you will need in case of pyuria or they may be a fantastic addition to a medical treatment and for sure your doctor will suggest you some of them as well.

What Are The Symptoms of Pus Cells in Urine

The presence of pus cells in your urine is often an indication of a urinary tract infection, commonly known as UTI, and therefore apart from pyuria, you may suffer from other unpleasant symptoms.

However, if pus cells are present in your urine, for sure you will notice that your urine has become dark and cloudy. It may even have a shade of red color because of blood presence in your urine. It’s also common that your urine has a bad smell.

What’s more, a UTI can cause a painful or burning sensation while passing urine and you can urinate more frequently or feel a strong urge to urinate but you are able to pass only a few drops of urine.

Infections of urinary tract can also be responsible for some less obvious symptoms, such as fever, vomiting, nausea, unexplained tiredness or feeling pain in your lower back or below you ribs. Women may also experience an unpleasant pressure above their pubic bone.

As you can see the symptoms vary depending on the cause and that’s why it’s crucial to see your doctor in order to identify the condition which is responsible for all the unpleasant signs.

What Are The Causes of Pus Cells in Urine

There are various causes of pus cell in urine, but the most common one is a urinary tract infection. However, it is a very broad term as a UTI may affect different parts of your urinary tract causing different conditions.

For example, a condition known as urethritis happens when the urethra is infected. The urethra is a kind of a hollow tube and its main function is to remove the urine to outside of your bladder. If some germs have developed in the urethra, they can move up and infect your bladder, which is a condition known as cystitis.

If the urine has blocked in your urinary tract, it may infect your kidneys and cause the disease called pyelonephritis. If pus has collected along the course of your urinary tract, it causes a condition known as an abscess.

Pregnant women sometimes suffer from pyuria too. In most cases it’s nothing serious and it’s just a result of various changes that happen in the body of a pregnant woman.

Nevertheless, pus cells in the urine of a pregnant woman always have to be checked by a doctor in order to eliminate a UTI as in case of pregnant women even minor infections of the urinary tract may affect the baby.

Also, there are certain factors which may put you in the risk group of developing pus cells in urine. First of all, women are more likely to develop pyuria than men. Moreover, the older you get, the more probable it is that you will get the condition.

Pus cells may also appear in the urine of women who go through a menopausal transition and is connected with the drop in levels of estrogen. At the same time, however, menopausal women develop UTIs more often and because of that pyuria always has to be diagnosed by a doctor.

People who often change sexual partners are in a higher risk of pyuria development too as infections transmitted sexually may be responsible for pus cells in the urine.

Other, more serious causes of pus cells in urine include such conditions as HIV, pneumonia, sepsis, kidney stones, or some autoimmune diseases.

Pus Cells in The Urine: Best Home Remedies

While pus cells in the urine should always be checked by your doctor, there are some great home remedies which may help you get rid of pus cells from your urine without the need of taking medicines.

Pus Cells in Urine: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment: Home Remedies
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