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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle’s Netflix Series: The Big Reveal



Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Netflix Series The Big Reveal

Ever since the Hollywood actress Meghan Markel and England’s Prince Harry tied the knot, there have been several updates circulating on social media. Right from leaving England’s kingdom to announcing their first pregnancy, the entire journey has been beautiful and full of roller coasters!

Since people around the globe have been wondering about the couple’s life, the duo decided to do something amazing.

Sussex’s Dutch and Duchess have introduced their docuseries on Netflix called “Harry and Meghan”. They kept the name simple and to the point. Some parts of the series were dropped recently and it revealed how the couple spent their time in the UK.

How Did The 1st Episode Look Like?

From the first day onwards, the couple has turned candid and talked about their romance and what all has happened since 2016. Once the royal engagements ended in 2020, Prince Harry said that it was difficult to go back and see what all happened and how did the couple end up here.

Harry And Meghan

Talking about the status of women in the royal family, Prince Harry confessed that any woman who married here has gone through immense suffering and pain. Being completely candid, the Dutch of Sussex said that he often wondered about the woman he would find. There is a lot of baggage with Prince Harry and he used to wonder if he could find a woman who is willing to understand that.

Prince Harry also shared some thoughts about his mother, the late Princess Diana, and confessed that she was harassed throughout her life. Once Diana separated from Harry’s father, the harassment increased a lot. Once the divorce was finalized, she was on her own.

Relationship Between Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Talking about the beginning of their relationship, Meghan confessed that she wasn’t looking for any sort of a relationship. She wanted to stay single and simply wanted to have fun. The Duchess told about how she had a career, life, and a set path but then Harry came and there was a complete plot twist.

Relationship Between Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Harry, the husband revealed that the duo met on Instagram. He was checking his Instagram feed (as we all do) and came across a friend’s video with Meghan in it. That video had both a Snapchat filter and his first reaction was “who is that!”.

Talking About Marriage

Harry said that in the royal family, it was always important to marry a person who fits their life. Talking about the men of the family, he said that there was always a need to marry someone familiar with royalty and not someone who felt like your soul mate.

Harry And Meghan Marriage

He also said how he has followed her mother’s footsteps and followed his heart instead of his mind.

Their Child – Archie

Meghan And Harry’s Son Archie

As you become a part of the royal family, nothing is private. When Meghan and Harry’s son Archie was heard on the television for the first time, it was breaking news! In that episode, Meghan asked her son how he wanted to describe the moon. To this, Archie responded that it is beautiful.

Meghan Resembling His Mother

When Prince Harry talked about Meghan, he said that she resembles his mother in so many ways. He sees the same level of empathy, warmth, compassion, and confidence. Talking about marrying out of royalty, Harry said that there might be many people who don’t agree with his decision but he did everything he wanted to protect the family. Scared of what happened to his mom, Harry said that he didn’t want history to repeat itself.

We can agree that the couple looks amazing together and we can’t stop adoring them!