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10 Best Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches

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10 Best Pressure Points for Migraines and HeadachesMigraines and headaches are one of the most common malaises which are developed in people in different age on a daily basis. Both women and men face this problem which makes their lives rather complicated. A headache can become so intense that it is practically impossible to do anything.

The majority of people use painkillers in such situations. It is not the best solution for the problem. First of all, it is better not to use pain killers for such a problem, since all kinds of synthetic drugs can cause liver problems after a long use.

Another negative aspect of painkillers is that they can cause various side effects. Furthermore, there are many people, for example, pregnant women, who simply can’t take pain killers as they can be rather harmful for a foetus.

Finally, you should know that painkillers may be a cause of your headache themselves. If you have been taking this type of drugs for quite a long time, you can become addicted to it and the side effect of further migraines can develop in your organism.

Thus, you can see that painkillers should be avoided if there is such an opportunity. One of the alternatives for these medicines are special types of massage.

10 Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches

Reflexology is a special therapy which is especially popular in Chinese medicine. According to the ideas of reflexologists, appropriate stimulation of points on the body helps to clear the meridians which have been blocked.

Medically speaking, these points are usually the places of your body where many nerves are located. The majority of nerves are connected with each other, being adjusted to other parts of the body. Thus, pressurising a point of your hand can help you to get relief from your headache.

1. Above Tears

You may be surprised to learn that one of the places where special points responsible for migraines located are your feet. Actually, as it has already been said, you can massage your feet and you will feel the decrease of tension of your headache.

The point called Above Tears is situated above your fourth and fifth toes, exactly speaking, above the webbing of these toes. You should perform a massage of this point in order to get rid of your headache. In addition to it, regular stimulation of this point will help you to regulate the water retention and get relief from shoulder tension, arthritic pains and hip pain.

2. Bigger Rushing

You can also try another point on your foot which is called Bigger Rushing. This point is located between the big and the second toes. You can also stimulate the area above this point.

Remember about this point not only in cases when you are suffering from headaches but also when you feel eye fatigue. In addition to it, you can get rid of arthritis and foot cramps by massaging this point.

3. Union Valley

Union valley is a point which is located on your hand. There is a webbing between your thumb and your index finger which should be massaged when you are suffering from a headache.

Stimulating Union Valley can help you to get rid of some other malaises, for example, toothache and back pain. Yet, you should refuse from massaging the area in case you are pregnant. Stimulating Union Valley can trigger contractions in the uterus.

4. Third Eye Point

Obviously, one of the main parts of your body where various points for treating your headaches are located is situated on the region of your forehead. Chinese philosophy claims that there is a lot of energy in this area which means that appropriate massage will help you to get better energy retention in your head and get rid of migraines.

Third point is located in the place where the ridge of your eyebrows joins the bridge of your nose. Not only will you get rid of headaches by stimulating this point, but your hay fever, eye pain and eye fatigue will fade away.

5. Drilling Bamboo

Another point on your forehead which can be stimulated when you are suffering from migraine is situated on your nose right below the brows. Start massaging both of the points located on the different sides of your nose. The massage should be performed at least during a minute. You will also improve your vision by stimulating the points.

6. Facial Beauty

It will be very useful for you to find two points on your face which are called Facial Beauty. The stimulation of them helps to get relief from migraines, toothaches, fatigue and even open your sinuses.

Facial Beauty are the points located on the both sides of your nostrils. Precisely speaking, their location is right below the pupil at the bottom of the cheekbone.

7. Valley Lead, Head Portal Yin, Hairline Curve, Floating White, Celestial Hub

Valley Lead, Head Portal Yin, Hairline Curve, Floating White, Celestial Hub are the points which are located on your temple region. All of them are situated very close to each other and to the top of your ear.

10 Best Pressure Points for Migraines and Headaches
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