Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): Causes and Best Home Remedies

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Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): Causes and Best Home Remedies
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Put the mixture into a clean eye dropper and apply one or two drops in each eye. You can use it even a few times a day if needed. After a few days you should notice a considerable improvement.

8. Salt Water

So called saline, which is simply sterile salt water may bring you immediate relief when you deal with an irritated eye. For sure you can get some eye drops in your pharmacy which contain saline, but actually you can also easily make your own solution.

You just need two ingredients – salt and water. You can use the salt from a grocery store or a supermarket, but it’s important to get the one which is uniodized as it doesn’t contain iodine. Rock salt and sea salt aren’t good options too as they often contain some chemical additives, which may be harmful for your eyes. It’s also recommended to use distilled water as it’s free of any potential impurities. However, boiled water can be used as well.

Prepare 9 grams of salt per one liter of water or one teaspoon of salt per one cup of water. Simply dissolve the salt in the water. Keep it sterile by storing it in a sterile container with a lid so that no microorganisms will enter the mixture. You should use it within a few days so it’s good to write the date on the container.

Use it as an eye wash by dipping a cotton pad in it and cleaning your eyes. You should feel immediate relief and after a few days your pink eye should be eliminated. You can also use this simple solution to treating small cuts, wounds, or new piercings. Unfortunately, this mixture is not suitable for taking care of your contact lenses.

9. Potatoes

One of the easiest and cheapest remedies for pink eye you will find in your kitchen. You may not have heard that but common potatoes actually have powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

To get the most from the potatoes, however, you need to use them raw. Simple take a fresh potato and slice it. It’s good if the slices are cold. Simply apply a slice on a closed eyelid and stay like that for about ten minutes.

You can also place it on your healthy eye as it can be helpful if your eye is tired. You should feel immediate relief from eye irritation. Repeat it in the morning and in the evening.

10. Breast Milk

Breast milk is a truly powerful substance produced by a human body. Various studies regularly show new and surprising qualities of breast milk. Apparently, it may also be helpful in getting rid of pink eye due to the content of antibody known as immunoglobulin A, which may protect the surface of your eye from bacteria.

The fact that infants who are breast fed very rarely get eye infections, confirms the fact that is has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Therefore, if you have access to breast milk, simply apply a few drops of it on your eyelid and around your eye area. After a few days, your pink eye should significantly reduce.

11. Compresses

A very easy, yet effective method of reducing various eye infections and irritations, especially if they are accompanied by swelling. Simply apply a warm or cold compress on the irritated eye.

In case of a cold compress you can use a few ice cubes or frozen vegetables wrapped in a clean cloth. Apply it on your closed eyelid and keep it for a few minutes. Remember not to hold it for too long as it may cause further irritation of the eye.

In case of a warm compress, you can simply soak a clean cloth in hot water and apply it on your eye. Make sure, though, that it’s not too hot. Leave it on your eye until it cools down. Repeat it a few times. You can use the compresses a few times a day. It’s also a good idea to alternate a warm compress with a cold one.

12. Herbal Tea

Herbal teas may help you get rid of pink eye naturally and quickly. The ones which are the most useful when it comes to eye conditions include chamomile, calendula, fennel, and eyebright.

The best way to use herbal teas is by simply making tea and using a warm tea bag as a warm compress on your eye or you can rinse your eyes with the tea. Actually, you can use them also in case of tired eyes. Herbal teas can quickly eliminate inflammation, irritation, and swelling.

Additionally, you may also take eyebright orally either in form of tea or a capsule. In case of chamomile and calendula, make sure that you are not allergic to them. Also, don’t use them if you are pregnant or breast feed. If you drink herbal teas, it’s good to add there a pinch of salt as then it can also have astringent qualities.

How to Prevent Pink Eye

The most common type of pink eye is a virus and bacterial one. They are very easily transmitted from a person to person. It’s just enough to touch your infected eye with your hand and later leave the bacteria or virus on different objects. Therefore, the most of preventive measures you can take is connected with proper hygiene.

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