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Phil Spencer: Sony Wants To Expand At XBOX’s Expense



Phil Spencer Sony Wants To Expand At XBOX's Expense

According to recent media reports and interviews of Phil Spencer, who is the CEO and chief of tech-giant Microsoft’s famous gaming division Xbox’s chief, stated that the allegations and fears of Sony regarding Microsoft’s 68.7 billion dollar deal with another famous gaming company named ‘Activision Blizzard,’ is entirely invalid and baseless.

Phil further stated that the main reason for Sony’s fear regarding the deal is that they want to maintain their place as the most potent and famous gaming console producer in the market.

During one of Phil’s podcast sessions, he was quoted saying that ‘the way Sony wants to ensure the dominance of their Playstation Console is by making other competitors in the market have less opportunity to grow and hence make them smaller.’

Phil has also stated that the argument against Microsoft’s deal regarding the ‘Activision Blizzard purchase is only a way to make Xbox smaller in power while growing the influence of their console Playstation in the gaming market.

Will ‘Call Of Duty’ Be Removed From Playstation Consoles?

According to many fans of Activision Blizzard and Playstation users, it is a matter of serious concern for them as ‘Call of Duty ‘is one of the most widely played console games across all gaming consoles, including Playstation. Thus, removing the game from Playstation’s platform will significantly decrease user support for them.


But, CEO of Microsoft’s Xbox branch Phil Spencer has repeatedly made it clear that even after the deal of 68.7 billion dollars goes through and ‘Activision Blizzard‘ comes under the direct control of Microsoft, they won’t be barring the company from distributing their games to competitive platforms.

Phil has also made it clear that the arguments put forward by Sony have very little to do with the fear of ‘Call Of Duty’ being removed from their platform but mainly have to do with Microsoft getting a more significant advantage in the gaming market.

According to Phil, the Modus Operandi of Sony is to make Xbox weaker in the market by ‘not allowing it to grow and making it smaller’ while allowing Sony’s own Playstation console to ‘grow bigger and stronger.’

Thus, it is obvious news that the fear of ‘Call of Duty being removed from the Playstation Platform is untrue. According to Phil Spencer, the game will be on the platform for a long time.

What Are The Steps Taken By Microsoft To Reduce Tension With Sony?

As per the reports and statements submitted by Microsoft’s gaming division Xbox’s CEO, Phil Spencer has personally made a written commitment reassuring the Sony Playstation CEO Jim Ryan that ‘Call of Duty will be staying on the Playstation platform for a very long time and also if ‘Activision Blizzard’ publishes any new games, it will also be available on their platform as per rules of their deals with Activision.

Phil and other Microsoft executives have also spoken out against Sony’s argument, claiming that the deal between ‘Activision Blizzard and Microsoft is ‘inadequate at many levels.’

Microsoft has stated that they will also make a deal with Sony about permanently and officially keeping ‘Call Of Duty’ available for the next ten years. But, the executives from Sony’s side have yet to comment on the matter and have remained silent.

Will ‘Call Of Duty’ Remain Available On Other Platforms?

Phil Spencer has clearly stated that ‘Call Of Duty’ won’t be getting removed from any console platforms as of now. Microsoft will release the famous first-person shooter game on ‘Nintendo.’ 

According to reports, Microsoft and Nintendo have reached their deal of launching ‘Call of Duty’ on their platform and keeping it permanently for the next ten years.

Although the date for the official release of ‘Call Of Duty’ on Nintendo has yet to be announced, if it happens, it will be massive news for the relatively small gaming console company ‘Nintendo.’