Pale Stools – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Pale Stools – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
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Your diet is, of course, the key to proper bowel movement. Be serious when it comes to your diet because as a famous proverb says, you are what you eat. Therefore, have a closer look at the content of your fridge and start introducing changes into your diet at once.

We tend to table introducing healthy habits into our lives. For example, we wait for a special occasions like our birthday, the end of holiday, or start of a new year, but such resolutions usually don’t last long. If you want to start eating healthy, just do it even today.

First off all, you should throw away all the unhealthy stuff from your kitchen, like ready made foods, fizzy drinks or fast foods. It’s very important not to have unhealthy products in the moments of your weakness.

The next thing is to start reading the labels of the food products you buy. Remember that pale stools are often caused by sweeteners, preservatives, and other artificial additives. As you start reading the labels, you will see that there are plenty of them.

Due to that fact we may think that we eat something healthy while in fact it’s just the opposite. Honey or yogurts are the good examples of that. When you buy honey from a supermarket, you can often notice that it’s sweet due to the presence of sugar.

A similar situation may be observed when we start reading labels on yogurts. As a result, strawberry yogurt doesn’t have any strawberry in its composition. Thus, if you want to have strawberry yogurt, just buy strawberries and add them to it. Such yogurt will not only be healthier, but will simply be tastier too.

Moreover, remember that healthy eating is not only from Monday to Friday, but also at the weekend. Of, course, it’s normal that from time to time you have a cheat day, but doing it two days in a week is not healthy eating.

Be aware that the greatest enemy of a healthy liver and the most common cause of pale stools is alcohol. When you drink it regularly, even in small amounts, you can damage your liver, irritate your stomach, and provide your body with harmful toxins.

A glass of wine or beer from time to time won’t be bad for you, but binge drinking or drinking a few beers every day may have disastrous influence on your health and be the reason why your stools don’t look healthy.

Last but not least, if you are a smoker, quit cigarettes as they can have a really bad impact on your digestion tract too. Nicotine boosts the production of acids in your stomach but decreases the production of saliva in your mouth.

What’s more, studies have shown that smokers tend to have a poorer diet as, for example, they start a day with a cigarette instead of a proper breakfast. It’s true that cigarettes can falsely reduce the feeling of hunger, which is of course very harmful to your organism.

Introduce some changes into your everyday diet, quit bad habits like cigarettes or alcohol and it can quickly turn out that you will get rid of pale stools naturally and permanently.

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