Pain Under Right Rib Cage: Possible Causes and Treatments

Pain Under Right Rib Cage: Possible Causes and Treatments
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Pain Under Right Rib Cage - Possible Causes and TreatmentsOur ribs play an important role in your body as they protect some of your internal organs, which are responsible for proper working of digestive and cardiovascular systems. Therefore, if you feel pain under your right rib cage, you shouldn’t panic, but for sure you need to consult your doctor who will detect the cause of your suffering.

Common Causes of Pain Under Right Rib Cage

The internal organs which are close to your right rib cage include right kidney, gallbladder, and liver. The pain usually happens when one of these organs is infected or inflamed.

However, there are actually many more possible causes of pain under right rib cage. You shouldn’t worry, though, that it may suggest any heart-related problem as it usually causes pain closer to the left rib cage.

Observe your pain and tell your doctor if the pain is strong or mild, sharp or dull, incidental or chronic. Think if you’ve also been experiencing some other symptoms as this may also help your doctor to give you the right diagnosis.

1. Injuries

It may sound surprising but injuries are actually the most common causes of pain under your right rib cage. What’s more, people often don’t realize that they have injured their rib and they find out about it during a visit to a doctor as a broken or injured rib may result in either severe or only mild pain.

Of course, if you experienced some serious accident or injury, you will probably need a medical care or you won’t be able to move for some time. However, in case of insignificant fractures, your ribs will probably heal on their own. You will only need to have a plenty of rest and avoid exercising for some time. Your doctor will determine if your injury is serious or minor by chest X-ray examination.

MRI and CT scan may be recommended by your doctor too as these examinations may show the soft tissue and identify the injury which an X-ray hasn’t shown.

You must be aware that a rib injury may also lead to some serious complications as a result of the injury your internal organs might have been damaged too. It may have affected your liver, kidney, or spleen. Thus, if despite the fact that you have cured your ribs after some accident, you’ve been still feeling pain in this area, consult it with your doctor.

2. Digestive Problems

Other common problems which may result in pain under the right rib cage are connected with our metabolism and our digestive system. It’s connected with the fact that many of us eat fatty or fast food, we also tend to overeat or eat too fast. A stressful lifestyle may negatively affect our digestion process too.

A feeling of discomfort or pain under your right rib cage is very often caused by excessive gas in your colon. You may feel it in different parts of your abdominal area, depending on the location of the buildup of gas, however, it usually occurs under the right rib cage.

The accumulation of gas in your system usually happens after you ate a heavy meal, or food rich in carbohydrates. Dairy products are also quite heavy for our digestive system. In order to bring yourself quick relief, you can try over-the-counter products, which speed up digestion or go for natural methods, such as tea made of chamomile, ginger, or peppermint.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is another common condition of the contemporary world. It’s very difficult to describe it and cure it as it may cause various symptoms and it isn’t clear what exactly leads to this disease.

One of the symptoms of IBS is actually pain under left or right rib cage. It’s usually accompanied by excess gas, bloating, and pain in the lower abdominal area. Some people also experience heartburn, difficulty with swallowing, or chest pain.

The studies have shown that bad diet and chronic stress are among reasons that lead to IBS. Thus, it’s crucial to introduce some changes into your everyday diet. Your doctor may also prescribe you some medicines which will alleviate the symptoms. Drinking aloe vera juice is considered to be the most effective natural way of reducing IBS.

A similar condition to IBS is inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). If there is some inflammation in your digestive tract, it won’t work properly and you may feel pain under your right rib cage. Other symptoms include difficulty with swallowing and coughing.

A lot of people also suffer from constipation. If it’s only incidental, you may easily deal with it, but if it’s chronic, it may become quite serious and it may lead to respiratory problems, pain in your chest, your abdomen, and the right rib cage.

Your diet is very important if you want to prevent constipation. Drink plenty of water every day as it will flush the stool out of your body. You should also consume a lot of vegetables and fruit. You must be aware that our body is one integral unit and if you want it to work properly, you need to take care of it holistically. Combine a well-balanced diet with regular physical activities at least three times a week.

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  1. help!! experience dull; uncomfortable pain every night around 12
    tired of the pains that travel to my back as well…should I go for a ultra sound scan

    1. Valencia, I noticed your post when I was googling pain in right rib cage at night which I get almost every night, but I believe its just gas but if the pain travels to the back I think you may have gallstones. Of course, I am not a doctor so I would check with my doctor and see what tests you should have for your problem.

      When I was younger I use to get these pains all the time went for tests and dr. told me I had polyps on my gallbladder but he believed that the pain I was experiencing was from stress not the gallbladder.

    2. Those were my symptoms when I had gall stones. A while after eating fatty foods, the body tells the gall bladder to send bile down to digest. If a stone gets caught in the valve, the bile pushes but can’t get out. The pain was usually impossible to fix and I would feel best on my knees curled forward into a ball.

    3. I’ve had the same exact problem for a year now. It doesn’t happen every night , but the frequency of occurances has increased and the pain is excruciating. I don’t know what to do either. I was in a car accident 15 years ago, so I thought it was because of my back problems. However, my PT thinks it could be my gallbladder. My doctor doesn’t want to do any scans until I’m experiencing the pain so hopefully something will show up, but it only happens at night like around midnight and is gone by morning. So my PT and I are at a loss for what to do.

  2. I have severe pain on my right side under my ribcage also swelling in the same area . I have had scans on it , and they all come back clear , I just don’t know what else to do

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