Causes of Pain Under Left Rib Cage and Treatment

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In darker months you should supplement vitamin D as there are some studied which firmly have shown that deficiency of this particular vitamin may lead to various, chronic diseases. Another key rule is to drink plenty of water, which is at least eight glasses a day. Water will simply flush all the toxins from your organism and will boost your metabolism.

In case of digestive problems, don’t hesitate and take over-the-counter medicines, which may improve your digestive process or help you with excessive gas or constipation. These drugs are usually safe and effective. If they don’t work, it might be a sign for you that your problem might be more serious and requires a medical consultation.

The painkillers which you can buy on your own are mainly Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. Nevertheless, you may also try natural painkillers, which can be helpful and don’t cause any side effects.

Capsaicin, which can be found in cayenne pepper is probably the most effective one. You can simply mix it with water and use it both externally or internally. Be careful, though, as it’s extremely hot so never touch your eyes with it and make sure that it doesn’t cause any irritation to your skin if you want to use it in form of a cream or spray.

You may also try ginger as it has amazing antiviral and antibacterial qualities. It can boost your metabolism too. It’s a great idea to make ginger tea from slices of fresh ginger. Just boil it for a few minutes, add there some honey and lemon juice, and drink it between the meals. Such tea is also a great protection against seasonal infections.

Curcumin is a close friend of ginger. It can be found in turmeric, which you can add to your tea. It can bring you relief in case of pain, it has powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory qualities. It’s a natural antioxidant too and there are some studies which have clearly shown that it may prevent cancer.

Use various herbs on a daily basis as they also have wonderful influence on our metabolism. White willow bark, cat’s claw, and arnica are considered to be the most beneficial.

Conditions which cause pain under left rib cage, but are not related to a digestive system, usually require medical treatment. Kidney stones may sometimes only be cured by surgery, especially if you’ve been suffering from them so long that they got so large that it’s impossible to simply dissolve them.

Heart or lung-related conditions should also never be ignored and always be treated by a doctor.

When to Seek Medical Help

If your pain isn’t strong or chronic, you may try to manage it on your own with home methods and over-the-counter products. If after a few days you don’t see any difference, make an appointment to your doctor.

There are cases, though, when you should consult your doctor at once. Do it if the pain is sharp, sudden, or unusual. When it’s a type of a squeezing or crushing feeling, and when pain radiates to other parts of your body, for example, to your jaw or back.

Similarly, pay attention to the accompanying symptoms. The ones which are alarming include rapid or short breathing, a very high or very low blood pressure, dizziness, vomiting or nausea, chills or fever.

These symptoms may suggest some serious conditions, which require immediate medical care. Don’t panic, though, as it can only make the problem worse.

Causes of Pain Under Left Rib Cage and Treatment
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  1. I have severe pain in my left side under my rib.I drive a lot and it seems worse the more I drive.I do have. Other left side pain do to car accidents.Neck and shoulder problems and back problems but no one can tell me why this pain persist.

  2. I’m feeling a sore irritated small burning muscle on my left side at my rib cage it comes and go quickly once in a while then comes back and stays with me thru my working hours and gets a little or more worse I’m feeling pretty crappy I think I must of slept in a wrong position? or I got up and moved down the wrong way? and or my muscles are tire? I have been having this problem sense last week and still it has not gone away I prefer to take over the counter and shower to cool off and sleep well and sometimes it helps sometimes it does not sense I work in a laundry department I am moving so much what does this sign really mean to me?

  3. I have constant pain on the left side of my ribs and it is worrisome. Sometimes I can’t bend down properly.

  4. I have pain under my left ribs cage, the pain come and go after some time. While going to somewhere or walking, a hard thing is felt touching my left ribs from inside, it hurts. I am experiencing this pain from one week. please help me…………

  5. It’s been 2 days with the pain on my left rib I don’t know what to do it comes and goes but then when I get off it comes back not bad pain but still pain

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