Causes of Pain Under Left Rib Cage and Treatment

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If you don’t want to get a heart attack, you should take care of a healthy lifestyle. Be physically active, spend a lot of time in the fresh air, don’t get stressed, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and eat heathy food.

9. Kidney Stones

Kidney stones may be the cause of really severe pain. People who suffered from it say they would probably never forget it. You will feel pain under left rib cage if your left kidney is affected with the stones. Pain may often radiate to a lower part of the abdomen or to the groin.

Kidney stones are actually deposits of salt and minerals. They can build up for years in one of your kidneys causing extreme pain. Moreover, you may also feel pain while urinating and your urine may have a bad smell or a cloudy color. In case you have a difficulty with urinating or you can’t urinate at all, consult your doctor at once.

If your kidney stones are in an early stage, you can get rid of them in a natural way. You must drink a lot of water every day to dissolve the stones. You can also drink water mixed with apple cider vinegar.

Unfortunately, kidney stones likes to comes back. Thus, even if you managed to eliminate them, you need to keep drinking plenty of water on a daily basis and have a healthy diet.

10. Digestive Problems

Millions of people around the world suffer from various stomach-related conditions. It’s the consequence of an unhealthy diet which is full of fast food and processed food. Eating too much and too fast is also to blame, especially when it’s combined with chronic stress.

One of the most common digestive conditions is heartburn. It can cause pain or burning sensation in your chest or under your left rib cage. It may be so troublesome that it’s sometimes even mistaken with a heart attack. Nevertheless, it’s also one of the symptoms of a heart attack so it should never be ignored.

Heartburn happens when the digestive acid from your stomach moves back to the esophagus, irritating it. If heartburn is only incidental it can be cured with home remedies, but if happens to you frequently, you should consider introducing some changes into your daily diet or take medicines which will control the production of acid in your stomach.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and irritable bowel disease (IBD) are other very common diseases today. The conditions are very difficult to describe as they may be caused by various reasons, such as chronic stress or an unhealthy diet, and they can also be the reason for different symptoms.

People who suffer from IBS or IBD often experience bouts of pain under left rib cage, which is described as strong or dull. The reason for the pain is often excessive gas. As it’s not clear what exactly causes the conditions, it’s difficult to cure them. Thus, the treatment is usually limited to alleviating the pain and improving the symptoms.

Constipation, especially when it happens frequently, may also be responsible for pain under the left rib cage. Constipation occurs when hard stool builds up in your colon. You may feel the pain under either your left or right rib, in your chest, or abdomen. You may even have respiratory problem. Thus, never ignore the problem, especially when it starts to be chronic.

If you ate a heavy meal, you may also experience gas stuck in the colon, which gives similar symptoms to constipation. Therefore, you can feel pain or discomfort in your abdomen or under your left rib cage.

Possible Treatments of Pain Under Left Rib Cage

Various problems may lead to pain under your left rib cage, thus, the treatment usually depends on the cause. However, if the pain isn’t sudden or severe, you may try to follow some general tips and see if they work for you.

As most of the problems that cause pain under left rib cage are connected with a digestive system, the best treatment which you should try is changing your everyday diet and it doesn’t only mean what you eat, but also how you eat as, for example, overeating or eating too fast may cause various stomach-related problems.

Therefore, you should consume products which are easy to digest by your system, such as vegetables, fruit, and products that contain a lot of fiber. On the other hand, you should quit products which can clog your system, such as sweets, fizzy drinks, fatty food, and fats food. Also, alcohol and cigarettes are forbidden or at least should be avoided.

Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin D are also crucial if we want to stay heathy. Therefore, consume a lot of oily fish and spend about fifteen minutes a day in the sunlight, without wearing sunscreen.

Causes of Pain Under Left Rib Cage and Treatment
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  1. I have severe pain in my left side under my rib.I drive a lot and it seems worse the more I drive.I do have. Other left side pain do to car accidents.Neck and shoulder problems and back problems but no one can tell me why this pain persist.

  2. I’m feeling a sore irritated small burning muscle on my left side at my rib cage it comes and go quickly once in a while then comes back and stays with me thru my working hours and gets a little or more worse I’m feeling pretty crappy I think I must of slept in a wrong position? or I got up and moved down the wrong way? and or my muscles are tire? I have been having this problem sense last week and still it has not gone away I prefer to take over the counter and shower to cool off and sleep well and sometimes it helps sometimes it does not sense I work in a laundry department I am moving so much what does this sign really mean to me?

  3. I have constant pain on the left side of my ribs and it is worrisome. Sometimes I can’t bend down properly.

  4. I have pain under my left ribs cage, the pain come and go after some time. While going to somewhere or walking, a hard thing is felt touching my left ribs from inside, it hurts. I am experiencing this pain from one week. please help me…………

  5. It’s been 2 days with the pain on my left rib I don’t know what to do it comes and goes but then when I get off it comes back not bad pain but still pain

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