Causes of Pain Under Left Rib Cage and Treatment

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Layers of tissue that surround your lungs are very delicate. Pleurisy occurs when they are filled with fluid or some inflammation appears. This puts pressure on your lungs, which in consequence leads to pain.

Another disease that may affect your lungs is known as a collapsed lung. The exact cause of the condition is difficult to clarify. However, genetics is often to blame, any trauma to your rib cage or a chest surgery may lead to it as well. Some studies have also proved that smokers are in the risk group.

A collapsed lung will cause sudden and strong pain under one of your rib cages, depending on which of the lungs is affected. The pain will be even stronger when you take a deep breath. Accompanying symptoms include rapid or short breath, cough, and fatigue.

4. Pancreatitis

Pain under the left rib cage or in the upper left side of your abdomen may also be caused by improper working of your pancreas. It’s a very important organ responsible for producing enzymes which take part in the digestion process. As pancreas is located under your left rib cage, it will hurt when it’s affected with the disease.

The condition is known as pancreatitis and it occurs when your pancreas is inflamed. If you are affected with the disease, you will notice that the pain intensifies when you lie one your back or after you eat a fatty meal. The pain often spreads to your back or left shoulder blade.

Pancreatitis is mainly a condition of people who drink too much alcohol and who deal with gallstones. In most cases, the disease requires a medical treatment. Unfortunately, the fact you recover from it doesn’t mean you won’t get it in the future. Therefore, after the recovery it’s important to avoid alcohol, quit smoking, drink a lot of water, and have a healthy diet.

5. Costochondritis

Your breastbone, also known as sternum may get inflamed too, the condition is known as costochondritis. It will cause strong pain under the left rib cage, which intensifies when you cough. It may also radiate to your abdomen or back.

Costochondritis may develop as a complication after some viral respiratory infection or a trauma to your breastbone, even if it was rather insignificant. It sometimes occurs after your upper chest surgery.

The condition usually goes away on its own as it’s usually enough to avoid exercising and get a lot of rest. You may also prepare remedial tea with turmeric and ginger. They have wonderful antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, which may speed up the healing process.

6. Angina

Angina is actually quite a serious disease, which unfortunately we tend to ignore. When it’s not fully treated, it may even develop into a life-threatening, heart disease.

The pain which results from angina is sudden and it doesn’t go away even when you have a rest. The condition is often mistaken with heartburn or a heart attack as you can feel it either under your left rib cage or in your chest.

Angina is a common condition of people who deal with obesity, high blood pressure, or high level of cholesterol as it occurs when your arteries are blocked or narrowed. Thus, if you want to prevent the disease, keep your bad cholesterol and blood pressure on a low level. You can do it by healthy diet and regular exercises.

If you get angina, make sure that you fully recovered from it as it’s the best way to prevent dangerous complications.

7. Pericarditis

Pericardium is a kind of a sac that naturally protects your heart. When it gets inflamed, we talk about the condition known as pericarditis. The main symptom of it is strong pain under your left rib cage or in your chest.

It’s also highly probable that you will experience other symptoms too, such as legs and abdomen swelling, low-grade fever, weakness, or heart palpitations.

Various reasons may lead to pericarditis. The most common ones include some viral infections or inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. A trauma to your rib cage or heart may also be the culprit of the disease. Fortunately, the disease usually goes away on its own. You just need to take some over-the-counter painkillers and get a lot of rest.

8. Heart Attack

It’s undoubtedly the most serious cause of pain under the left rib cage, which can actually be life-threatening. A heart attack appears when your blood, which transports oxygen, can’t reach your heart. It happens, for example, when your coronary arteries are blocked.

Severe pain under your left rib or in your chest is just one of the symptoms of a heart attack. Some people say that it’s not so much pain they felt, but as if something squeezed their chest. Other symptoms include a strange feeling in different parts of your body, for example, in your arms, jaw, back, or neck. You can also suffer from nausea, cold sweats, vomiting, or short breath.

Causes of Pain Under Left Rib Cage and Treatment
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  1. I have severe pain in my left side under my rib.I drive a lot and it seems worse the more I drive.I do have. Other left side pain do to car accidents.Neck and shoulder problems and back problems but no one can tell me why this pain persist.

  2. I’m feeling a sore irritated small burning muscle on my left side at my rib cage it comes and go quickly once in a while then comes back and stays with me thru my working hours and gets a little or more worse I’m feeling pretty crappy I think I must of slept in a wrong position? or I got up and moved down the wrong way? and or my muscles are tire? I have been having this problem sense last week and still it has not gone away I prefer to take over the counter and shower to cool off and sleep well and sometimes it helps sometimes it does not sense I work in a laundry department I am moving so much what does this sign really mean to me?

  3. I have constant pain on the left side of my ribs and it is worrisome. Sometimes I can’t bend down properly.

  4. I have pain under my left ribs cage, the pain come and go after some time. While going to somewhere or walking, a hard thing is felt touching my left ribs from inside, it hurts. I am experiencing this pain from one week. please help me…………

  5. It’s been 2 days with the pain on my left rib I don’t know what to do it comes and goes but then when I get off it comes back not bad pain but still pain

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