Pain in Right Side of Chest: Common Causes and Best Remedies

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Pain in Right Side of Chest: Common Causes and Best Remedies
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Capsaicin is a compound which you will find in pepper. It gives pepper a spicy taste and according to some studies it may have a beneficial effect to your heart. Thus, it can slow down the atherosclerosis development, lower your blood pressure, reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, and support the weight loss.

It’s recommended to take about twenty milligrams of capsaicin a day. You can get it in the form of capsules. Even a healthier option is to spice up your meals. Remember, though, that spicy food may lead to digestive problems in some people.

Garlic in another natural remedy to heart-related problems. Various studies have shown that garlic can prevent the accumulation of plaque in the arteries. The only problem with fresh garlic is that it has an extremely strong smell. However, you can also go for odor-free supplements with garlic.

A substance which plays a crucial role in your heart health is known as coenzyme Q10. Interestingly, your body naturally produces it, however, as you are getting older, your body is producing less and less of the coenzyme and studies clearly link that with chronic heart failure. Fortunately, you can buy supplements with coenzyme Q10.

Ginger root is something which should always be in your kitchen. Add it to your meals on a daily basis or prepare a remedial tea made of a fresh ginger root. Ginger has wonderful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and thus can wonderfully boost the functioning of your heart.

Consume ginger regularly and you may reduce high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. It can also prevent blood clotting and reduce triglycerides. What’s more, ginger is also recommended to solve gastric problems.

Apart from the dietary changes, you need to understand the importance of physical activity as it improves your blood circulation and in consequence makes your heart stronger and heathier. The best idea is to exercise at least thirty minutes every day. You can combine different activities, for example stretching exercises with weightlifting and more intense workouts.

Last but not least, don’t forget about the influence of bad habits like drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes on your heart and on the whole cardiovascular system. If you are a smoker, quit this nasty addiction as soon as possible, especially if you suffer from unexplained pain in right side of chest.

When it comes to drinking alcohol, it is the number two enemy of your heart and because of that you should limit alcohol consumption only to special occasions.

It’s highly probable that once you start leading a healthier lifestyle, the unexplained pain in the right side of your chest will go away on its own.


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