Pain in Left Side of Chest – Common Causes and Remedies

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Angina requires medical help and a professional therapy. In order to diagnose angina you will probably have to go through certain medical tests, such as electrocardiogram, blood tests, and x-rays of your chest.

5. Myocarditis

Myocarditis may be described as the inflammation of your heart muscle. Pain in the left side of your chest is one of its symptoms. Apart from that you may experience arrythmia, which is the abnormal heart rhythm, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

It is important to diagnose myocarditis on time as when it is left untreated for too long, it can affect the electrical system of your heart, permanently weaken or damage your heart.

6. Heartburn

One of the most common causes of pain in left or right side of the chest is heartburn. It is caused by your digestive acids which flow up your esophagus. It causes pain and discomfort in you chest and some other annoying symptoms.

They include a burning feeling in your abdomen and chest, the content of your stomach flowing up to your throat, and the sour taste in the mouth. You will mainly experience these signs after meals or when you lie down. It may cause some sleeping difficulties too.

There are various remedies to heartburn, which you can try. Over-the-counter antacids may turn out to be very helpful, but you should also probably introduce some changes into your eating routines.

For sure, if you often suffer from heartburn, you should eat smaller portions of meals. In your case it is better to eat less but more frequently than having just two or three large meals a day. Also, avoid foods which intensify the heartburn problem, such as fried or fatty food products.

It is worth mentioning that alcohol and tobacco make the problem worse too. Do not lie down after a meal and go for a walk instead. Generally, it is advisable to lose the excess weight if you suffer from heartburn.

7. Costochondritis

Costochondritis may be described as the inflammation of the cartilage that surrounds your ribs. It is not a serious conditions and may be caused by a number of reasons, such as a pulled muscle, intense vomiting or coughing, and an accident or a fall.

It often appears after car accidents, in which the inflating air bag hits and bruises the sternum, which leads to inflammation in this body area. The most typical symptom of costochondritis is strong pain in your ribs and chest wall. It may come and go, but such activities as sneezing, coughing, and heavy breathing intensify the pain. You may also feel that the skin area near your chest is abnormally tender.

Costochondritis usually cures on its own and you can only relieve the symptoms with warm or cold compresses and over-the-counter painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs. You should also rest a lot and avoid exercising and any sudden movements. Costochondritis usually goes away after a few days or weeks and only a severe case may take you even a few months to fully recover.

8. Injuries

An injury, such as a pulled, torn, or over-stressed muscle is a common cause of pain in the left side of chest. It is actually sometimes so strong that the sufferers mistake it for some heart-related problems. An injury in this body area may be the consequence of an accident, a fall, exercising, but also sleeping in a poor body position for a long time, or making a sudden, wrong move with your body.

In case of a car accident, a pulled muscle in the chest area is often a result of the pressure from the air bag or the seat belt. What’s more, you may start feeling the pain not until a day or two after the car accident. If you work out intensely, do some weightlifting exercises or you do such sports as boxing, soccer, throwing a javelin, or you play tennis with your left arm, then you are at a higher risk of developing an injury in the left side of chest.

When your muscle is pulled, apart from pain, you may also observe bruising and swelling of the area, feel stiffness, or have a limited range of movements. It is difficult to rate the seriousness of your injury on your own. For sure, you should avoid exercising and making any other strenuous movements for a few days.

You may also apply some ice to the sore area, which should reduce the pain and swelling. If you do not see any improvement after a few days, you should contact a doctor, who will examine you and probably order you to do an x-ray. Only then he can be one hundred percent sure if your injury is benign and cures on its own or if it is severe and requires a professional therapy.

9. Esophagus Problems

It may happen that pain in the left side of your chest is an indication of some problems with your esophagus. For example, the spasm of your esophageal muscle may lead to such strong pain in your chest that it may even mimic a heart attack.

Pain in Left Side of Chest – Common Causes and Remedies
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