Pain in Left Armpit: 15 Common Causes and Treatments

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It’s also highly probable that you will have to see another specialist. If there is some problem with your lymph nodes, you may have to go to a hematologist. In case your pain is accompanied by a rash or itching, you should go to a dermatologist. Remember, though, that in case of some skin problems, you should start with changing your cosmetics. If you feel a lump in your breast, you will have to visit a breast cancer specialist.

Possible Treatments

Of course, the cause of your pain determines the treatment. If you deal with an injury or a strained muscle, you may try hot and cold compresses, which will boost the blood circulation. Of course, have a rest for a couple of days and avoid intense training.

If your pain is a consequence of a specific disease, it will require a medical treatment. Shingles, for example, is healed with antiviral drugs, the most popular include acyclovir or valaciclovir. Similarly, hidradenitis suppurativa needs medications for acne or even antibiotics.

In case of swelling in lymph nodes area, your doctor will have to recognize the cause first. In case of a viral infection, you will just have to rest in bed for a few days. In case of a bacterial infection, however, antibiotics may be required. In both situation warm compresses may bring you some relief from pain and swelling.

The treatment for a breast cancer depends on how advanced it is. If it’s an early stage, it’s highly probable that it will be fully cured. Your doctor may suggest you a surgical removal of your tumor, radiation, or chemotherapy.

Preventive Measures

Good hygiene is the most important piece of advice when it comes to preventing pain in the armpit. If your armpits will be often oily or dirty, it’s very easy to get some bacterial or viral infections. Also, if you notice a rash, don’t ignore it and give up epilation for a few days as otherwise it may get worse.

If you want to prevent viral infections, such as shingles, consider getting vaccinated. It’s an especially good idea for older people and children. Be careful when choosing soaps, detergents, antiperspirants, or deodorants if you have a tendency to contact allergies or your skin gets irritated easily.

Also, don’t work out too intensely and always remember about stretching if you don’t want to end up with a strained muscle. A breast cancer or lymphatic diseases are rather impossible to prevent. However, what you should do is regular check-ups and preventive tests, which your doctor recommends you. In most cases only an early stage of a disease guarantees full recovery.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and doing exercises regularly may effectively help you prevent different viral and bacterial infections. When doing sports, it’s worth combining outdoor and indoor activities as it will make your immune system strong.

Pain in Left Armpit: 15 Common Causes and Treatments
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