Pain in Left Armpit: 15 Common Causes and Treatments

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Pain in Left Armpit: 15 Common Causes and TreatmentsYou may have noticed that an armpit is a very sensitive area of your skin. It’s no wonder as various nerves and vessels run through your armpits. Thus, pain in this part of your body is quite common.

It usually occurs in the left armpit, but fortunately, in most cases it’s not a symptom of any serious conditions. You should never ignore it, though, and find its cause. If the pain is very strong or doesn’t go away after a few days, always consult it with your doctor.

The Symptoms of Pain in Left Armpit

The types of pain in the left armpit may vary. It may be mild or intense as well as it can be chronic, sudden, or appear periodically. Usually it’s accompanied by some other symptoms, which depend on the cause of the problem.

When your left armpit hurts, you may also notice that it’s swollen too. It may suggest some problem with the lymph node. If that’s the case, you can also experience pain in other places of your body, in which lymph nodes are located, for example, in your legs or abdomen.

Pain in the left armpit may also be related to some skin conditions. However, you will probably notice some redness, inflammation, or a rash too.

Some breast disorders may also result in pain in the left armpit. When that happens you may feel a kind of a lump in your chest area or notice that your left breast has changed its shape or size. Also, be alarmed if one of your nipples looks different.

15 Common Causes of Pain in Left Armpit

The pain in the left armpit may result from various reasons. Luckily, most of them are not serious and you don’t need to be worried about them. However, it’s worth observing your pain and accompanying symptoms as once you know the cause, you will easily treat it.

1. Epilation

Epilation is actually one of the main reasons of pain under armpits, especially among women. Improper hair removal from your armpits may cause quite intense pain. The problem, however, usually affects both armpits and not only the left one.

Using a blunt blade is probably the most common mistake that you can make while removing your hair. When you do that, the inflammation of your hair follicles may appear or some bumps or ingrown hair may develop, which may be quite painful.

Therefore, if you don’t want to suffer from armpit pain and irritation, always use a sharp blade and try not to remove very short hair. Don’t forget to moisturize the skin after epilation, but wait around ten minutes before you apply a cream.

2. Cosmetics

Probably the most prosaic cause of pain in the left armpit, however, at the same time one of the most common reasons. The cosmetics you use on an everyday basis may be the reason of pain in the left armpit.

Therefore, have a closer look at your deodorant, soap, or perfume. Stop using them for a few days and see if you can notice and difference. If the pain in your left armpit is the consequence of cosmetics, you will also probably suffer from a rash, redness, or itching. In severe cases even skin inflammation may occur.

When you choose cosmetics, always read the labels and pick the ones which don’t contain strong chemicals or fragrance. They should be alcohol-free too or at least have a low percentage of it.

3. Overstretched Muscle

If you do sports regularly and these are activities which require some fierce or sudden moves, such as javelin, baseball, tennis, or weightlifting, it’s highly probable that you simply strained or overstretched a muscle.

The muscles which can be found in the area of your chest, shoulders, and armpits belong to a group of large muscles, which can be easily injured. If it’s nothing serious, though, the pain should go away on its own after a few days. Otherwise, consult a doctor in this matter.

4. Angina

It may sound surprising, but angina might be the cause of pain in your left armpit too. Angina is an insidious condition, which if not well treated, may end with unpleasant complications.

In severe cases angina can lead to so called ischemia, which is a coronary artery disease. If your heart doesn’t get enough of oxygenated blood, you may end up with this serious disease.

Therefore, it’s really important to follow you doctor’s advice and always finish the antibiotic treatment as only then you won’t get any complications and you will successfully cure it. In case of complications after angina, apart from pain in the left armpit, you may also experience the feeling of heaviness in your chest, dizziness, fatigue, you may have some breathing difficulties, or feel pain in your jaw and neck.

You must be aware that if you’ve been dealing with high blood pressure, diabetes, high level of cholesterol, or some heart disease, you are in a risk group of getting angina. Similarly, it also happens more commonly to people who smoke or don’t do any exercises regularly.

5. Lymphadenitis

Small, oval-shaped organs known as lymph nodes are really crucial for proper functioning of your organism as this is where your immune cells can be found. Lymph nodes are located in your armpits, but also in your neck or groin.

Pain in Left Armpit: 15 Common Causes and Treatments
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