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Pain in Back of Head – Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies

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Pain in Back of Head – Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies
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Simply choose the essential oil with the scent you like the most, apply a few drops of it on your finger tips and gently massage your temples, back of your head, neck, and shoulders. Do it for a few minutes and you should feel an immediate relief. If you find it difficult to access the back of your head, ask somebody to do a massage for you or go to a specialist.

7. Go for Acupuncture

A traditional Chinese method of acupuncture, when performed by a professional, may bring spectacular results in treating headaches. During the procedure of acupuncture the practitioner will insert ultra-thin needles into certain spots on your skin, which will affect various parts of your body.

Despite the fact that acupuncture is not a medical therapy, even doctors often recommend this method to their patients as it is often more effective than medicines. Additionally, it is safe and natural as it does not cause any side effects.

It may turn out to be a wonderful solution to pain in the back of head provided that you find a reliable and experienced specialist, who knows exactly which points to stimulate on your body to bring you relief from a headache.

8. Try Yoga Exercises

As headaches are often the consequence of a stressful life, tension, a poor body posture, and a sedentary lifestyle, yoga course might be what you need in order to eliminate pain in the back of your head or any other type of a headache.

Scientific studies have clearly proved that practicing yoga regularly effectively relieves stress and anxiety, improves flexibility, and reduces headaches or other pain types. People who practice yoga on a daily basis do not suffer from headaches as frequently as people who do not do yoga exercises. Also, the headaches are not so intense.

Therefore, if you suffer from pain in back of your head, sign up for yoga classes for beginners. It may turn out that it will be the solution to the problem. Moreover, yoga will improve your general fitness and the quality of your life.

9. Do Sports

If yoga is not your cup of tea, try a different sporting activity as studies clearly show that people who start doing sports regularly, significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of their headaches. It is no wonder as when you exercise you boost your blood circulation and your brain gets more oxygen.

Try a sporting activity which you like and be persistent as sport is beneficial when you do it regularly and not only occasionally. In fact, it has been proved that exercising for thirty minutes every day will give you more benefits than working out for two or three hours only once or twice a week.

10. Drink Some Coffee

Apparently, drinks which contain caffeine may successfully reduce pain in the back of your head provided that it is not caused by high blood pressure. Caffeine, when consumed in a proper amount, can give you a boost of energy.

There are people who prefer drinking a cup of strong coffee to taking a painkiller. Try it as maybe it is the solution which will work for you too. Remember, though, that all those sport drinks with caffeine do not have the same effect because they are packed with sugar.

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