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Pain in Back of Head – Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies

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Pain in Back of Head – Causes, Treatments and Home Remedies
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Most of the solutions described in this section refer to introducing some healthy changes into your everyday life as in many cases too much stress, a poor diet, lack of sleep, and a sedentary lifestyle are among the most common causes of pain in back of your head.

1. Stay Hydrated

When the pain in back of your head starts, do not turn to painkillers at once, but first try to drink a few glasses of water. Dehydration is a very common cause of headaches in different parts of your head. It may also lead to the feeling of tension, anxiety, increased irritability, and impaired concentration.

It is very easy to get dehydrated, especially on hot summer days. To prevent it, make a habit of drinking around seven glasses of mineral water a day. The best idea is to have a small bottle of water always close to you or in your bag and simply sip it throughout your day.

2. Get Some Sleep

If during the most of your week you sleep less than six or seven hours a night or you sleep more than ten hours a night, then you may suffer from the pain in the back of your head. Nowadays, the first option is much more common than the other one. There is a growing and worrying tendency according to which people think that sleeping is a waste of time.

Apparently, it is the opposite and lack of sleep may lead to serious health problems while getting enough amount of sleep may also be the remedy to various health problems. Therefore, try to sleep between seven and nine hours of sleep a night and it is possible that you will get rid of the pain in the back of your head soon.

Additionally, remember that not only the amount of sleep matters, but its quality too. Thus, do not use your mobile phone in your bed and do not keep a tv set in your bedroom. Air the room before you go to sleep and have blinds in a dark color.

3. Try a Cold Compress

A cold compress on the painful area can quickly calm down the pain in the back of your head. It works because it reduces the inflammation and constricts your blood vessels, which may help you deal with any kind of a headache.

You may apply a special cold gel pack, a towel soaked in cold water or some ice wrapped in a soft cloth. Apply the compress on the back of your head and on your neck and leave it for around ten minutes. It should bring you immediate relief and you can repeat it a few times a day.

4. Change Your Diet

A food intolerance is a common trigger for a headache among quite a lot of people. We are often unaware that we are intolerant to some food product because the symptoms of intolerance are less radical than in case of a food allergy. They include skin problems, abdominal pain, frequent constipation, or headaches.

The food products which cause headaches most commonly are citrus fruit, chocolate, alcohol, cheese, coffee, and milk. However, do not eliminate all of these products at the same time, but one by one. A food diary is also a great method of finding the culprit of the pain in back of head.

You need to note down everything you eat during your day in your food diary. If a food intolerance is the culprit of your headache, it is possible that after keeping a food diary for a week or two, you will be able to detect the food which is bad for you.

5. Supplement Minerals

Deficiency of certain minerals or vitamins can also result in annoying headaches and other unpleasant symptoms. One of the most important minerals for your organism is magnesium. It takes part in various functions of your body, for example it is responsible for proper working of your nervous system, digestive process, and blood sugar.

What is more, some scientific studies have proved that supplementation of magnesium is often a safe and easy solution to headaches in many cases. If you are stressed out, work too much, and skip meals or eat unhealthy food, it is highly probable that your organism lacks magnesium.

In case of deficiency, however, magnesium from food is sometimes not enough and because of that it is recommended to supplement it for a month or two and see if after that time the frequency and intensity of headaches have decreased.

6. Try Essential Oils

Essential oils may help you deal with pain in the back of your head. Lavender oil or peppermint oil are traditionally used to treat headaches, but you may try different ones and choose your favorite one. Essential oils are just perfect to do a massage, which will relieve the pain and relax your tense muscles.

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