Pain Between the Shoulder Blades: Causes and Treatments

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Pain Between the Shoulder Blades - Causes and TreatmentsPain between the shoulder blades is a rather popular malaise which is usually experienced by people above 30 years of age, although it may be a problem concerning young people as well.

Pain between the shoulder blades can be a normal reaction to some processes in your organism which shouldn’t worry you. Yet, it can be also a sign of rather serious health conditions which should be diagnosed as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell when the pain is normal and when it is a symptom of a serious change in your body in case we are estimating the seriousness of the pain exclusively by its duration.

Sometimes acute pain experienced for a short time can be absolutely normal, whereas in other situations it can be a sign of a serious injury or heart attack. Constant pain can also mean different things.

If you are experiencing the pain between your shoulder blades, it is crucial to learn about the various possible factors which can trigger this kind of physical discomfort.

Possible Symptoms

First of all, you should understand the symptoms which are indicating the pain between your shoulder blades.

As it has already been mentioned, the pain in this area of your back can be sharp and acute. It means that you are feeling short bursts of strong stubbing pain. Other type of your pain is dull.

You can also feel chronic dull pain which can be either strong or weak. Chronic pain can last for a long time. You can be experiencing such discomfort up to several months.

While describing the pain between your shoulder blades, it is crucial to emphasise that the discomfort you are feeling can also be different. For example, the pain can be felt in specific places which means that it is local. Otherwise, you may be suffering from the pain which can spread to other parts of your body, for example to your arms.

If you want to try to diagnose the pain you are feeling between your shoulder blades, it is advised to get a diary where you should note the types of your pain and the days when you feel it. You can also provide a special scale of the intensity of this pain where you will mark the most unpleasant feelings with 10 and the mildest pain with 1.

What Causes the Pain between the Shoulder Blades?

As far as you can guess, the pain between your shoulder blades can be caused by absolutely different things. Some of them can be rather serious whereas others won’t bring you too much discomfort although they can also be rather worrying. Let’s look through the major factors triggering this unpleasant sensation.

1. Poor Posture

Poor posture is one of the major causes of the pain between the shoulder blades. Poor posture can lead to the discomfort irrespective of your age. Furthermore, it is crucial to emphasise that many young people are risking developing poor posture as a result of the modern life style.

You can have poor posture because of working in the same position during long hours. It doesn’t matter, whether you need to stay too long or sit, both of these activities can cause poor posture while being performed for a too long time without any breaks.

You should also pay your attention to the posture you usually have when you are having a rest. Unfortunately, you may feel yourself comfortable although your posture isn’t normal at all.

If it is difficult for you to estimate your posture, you can visit a doctor or ask other people to keep an eye on the position of your back. Even if you do not feel any extraordinary pain now, poor posture will lead to unpleasant conditions of your back in the future.

Bear in mind that poor posture is also affecting your internal organs. An inappropriate position of your back makes your internal organs have strange positions as well. This can trigger serious illnesses of your internal organs.

2. Flue and Colds

Many people do not consider this fact at all, although flue or cold can cause the pain between the shoulder blades as well. You know that among the most popular symptoms of these diseases such as nasal congestion, fever and coughing there is also weakness of the entire body. Yet, you can also feel various kinds of pain in different parts of your body including your shoulder blades.

If you are suffering from any of these illnesses right now, it will be easier for you to understand whether the condition is caused by your illness or by any other reason. You just need to wait until you recover and then it will be possible to estimate whether the illness was a culprit.

You shouldn’t be afraid of this health problem because such pain isn’t serious or unbearable and it doesn’t lead to other problems with your back. It is just a reaction of your organism to the infection and high temperature.

3. Herniated Disc

Herniated disc is a problem which can be caused by several reasons. One of the most popular causes of this health condition is lifting heavy things, especially, in an uncomfortable position.

Pain Between the Shoulder Blades: Causes and Treatments
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