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How to Use Olive Oil For Ear Infections: Best Home Remedies

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How to Use Olive Oil For Ear Infections: Best Home Remedies
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A good preventive measure is to apply a few drops of olive oil into each ear before you have a swim or shower. You should especially do it if you often suffer from ear infections. Olive oil won’t let water enter your ears. It’s also important to dry your ears carefully every time you had a swim. In general, you should avoid swimming until you cure your ear infection.

As you may have noticed the most of the remedies with olive oil require warming it up. When you do it, however, make sure that it’s not too hot when you apply it into your ears.

The temperature of the olive oil is very important as when it’s cold it doesn’t have such a strong beneficial effect. However, when it’s hot, it can damage your ear. A lukewarm temperature is perfect as it can dissolve the wax in your ear, but it’s at the same time safe.

When you suffer from ear infections, cover your ears when you go outside, especially if the weather is windy as it can make your ear infection more severe. Thus, always put a cap on your ears or cover it with some scarf.

It may sound surprising, but when you deal with an ear infection, you should cut down on dairy products as it can make your ear more painful and swollen. In general, it’s better to avoid dairy products if you often suffer from an ear infection as some studies have shown that it may be a possible culprit of your problem.

As an ear infection may sometimes be caused by a sudden change of the air pressure, you can try a simple trick when you travel by a plane. Just chew a gum when the plane ascends or descends as it can boost the muscle which sends air in the inner ear and can quickly equalize the air pressure in your ear.

A very common mistake is a bad technique of drying your ears. The key rule is that you should never insert anything to your ear when you dry it. You can clean an external part of your ear with a soft cloth and if you’re afraid that your inner ear is wet, dry it with your hair dryer. Remember, though, that it should be set at a low temperature. Also, don’t keep the hair dryer too close to your ear.

Another common mistake is using buds to clean your ears from wax. Actually, you should never insert anything into your ear. The only safe way of removing wax from your ears is by flushing it with water. However, if the wax produces in normal amounts, it should remove naturally, on its own. What’s more, you need some wax in your ear as it keeps a healthy environment in your ear.

You need to take proper care of your ears as all the infections are potentially dangerous. Therefore, never ignore an earache and if after a few days it doesn’t go away, seek a medical consultation.

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