Natural Vasodilators: Dilate Blood Vessels Naturally at Home

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Natural Vasodilators - Dilate Blood Vessels Naturally at HomeVasodilators are medicines which are used to open up your blood vessels and improve the blood circulation. The doctors prescribe vasodilators to treat and prevent various health problems, such as blood hypertension or pulmonary hypertension, angina, or heart diseases.

The problem with vasodilators, however, is that they are strong medicines and they often cause a number of unpleasant side effects including headaches, heart palpitations and chest pain, stomach problems, and fluid retention.

Vasodilators directly affect the muscle walls of your veins and arteries. Thanks to vasodilators your blood flow through the vessels is better because the muscles do not tighten so much and the walls do not narrow. As a result, your heart does not need to work so intensely to pump blood.

If your doctor prescribes you vasodilators, of course you need them and should take them. However, there are plenty of natural vasodilators among food products, which can help you improve your blood circulation without the risk of side effects that medicines cause.

Talk with your doctor about the natural ways of dilating your blood vessels and try to implement them in your medical treatment. It if turns they work, it is highly possible that over time you will be able to replace the medicines with natural vasodilators.

Natural Vasodilators: Dilate Blood Vessels Naturally at Home

Have a look at plenty of natural vasodilators which you can try at home and find the ones which work for you best. Most of them stimulate the production of so called nitric oxide, which fantastically regulates your blood flow.

The studies have proved that nitric oxide can successfully decrease blood pressure. It also prevents strokes and artery blockage. Include some of the natural vasodilators described in this section into your everyday life and there is a chance that you will dilate your blood vessels naturally and safely at home.

1. Ginger

Ginger is one of the best natural vasodilators you can find in the world. In fact, it has been used in India as a solution and a preventive measure to various health problems for ages. Ginger is a strong antioxidant, which fantastically boosts the production of nitric oxide.

Ginger, when used regularly, effectively opens up your blood vessels and because of that it is a known remedy to cardiovascular diseases, inflammation of the internal organs, and stomach problems. It is also believed that it restores sexual vitality and because of that it is recommended to men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED).

2. Chili and Cayenne Pepper

The most powerful compound of chili and cayenne pepper is known as capsaicin. Various scientific studies have proved that capsaicin improves blood circulation, supports metabolism and fat burning as well as it treats erectile dysfunction and increases sexual libido.

Due to the presence of capsaicin chili and cayenne pepper are natural vasodilators. Spice your meals with them and you should quickly see the positive results. People who have a sensitive stomach, though, should be careful with chili and cayenne pepper as sometimes they may irritate your stomach.

3. Pomegranates

Pomegranates are not only delicious, but also extremely healthy and you should consume this fruit a few times a week. It is a universal type of fruit, which can be used either in your main meals or desserts. For sure it is worth introducing pomegranates into your diet as they have plenty of beneficial qualities.

They have wonderful antioxidant properties, they may decrease blood pressure, and improve blood circulation. What’s more, it is believed that pomegranates support testosterone production, improve the quality of sperm, and help men who deal with impotence.

4. Dark Chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth, you will love this solution. Dark chocolate is a wonderful vasodilator due to its compound known as epicatechin. It is an antioxidant flavonol, which proves to show a vasodilator effect after only five days of regular consumption of dark chocolate.

What’s more, chocolate is packed with magnesium and fiber, which significantly contribute to proper functioning of your body. However, remember to choose dark chocolate which contains at least 70 percent of cacao. Otherwise, it becomes only a sweet snack without any beneficial qualities.

5. Garlic

For sure you have already heard about wonderful qualities of garlic, which is a traditional remedy to bacterial or viral infections. However, there are various scientific studies which have proved that garlic is a strong vasodilator too.

Garlic has the ability to lower blood pressure, improve blood circulation, and support the formation of nitric oxide. As a result, garlic significantly reduces the risk of a cardiovascular disease development when consumed regularly.

It is important, though, to consume garlic raw as only then it preserves the most of its beneficial qualities. Therefore, add raw garlic to your meals on a daily basis, but do not forget to brush your teeth afterwards as the smell of garlic is really intense.

6. Red Wine

It may sound surprising, but when you drink red wine in a reasonable amount, it can have a very positive influence on your blood vessels and heart. It is due to the presence of polyphenols and resveratrol, which are believed to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Natural Vasodilators: Dilate Blood Vessels Naturally at Home
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