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My Heart Skips a Beat: What Does It Mean? Causes and Remedies

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Holter monitoring is another popular test which can thoroughly measure the functioning of your heart. Holter is a special monitor which you need to wear for at least twenty-four hours to monitor every activity of your heart. It can provide your doctor with a lot of information about the functioning of your heart.

If the tests reveal something suspicious, you doctor may send you to a cardiologist, order you to do some more detailed medical tests or he will find the best possible therapy for you. If the examinations and medical tests do not show anything serious, your doctor will probably suggest you introducing some changes into your everyday lifestyle.

Heart palpitations are very often just a signal from your organism that you need to slow down. If you are constantly overworked or stressed out, no pills will help you get rid of the problem. You need to take proper care of your mind and body. Make sure that you get enough of sleep every day and if you have sleeping difficulties, do not turn to medicines, but try natural methods first.

Start doing exercises regularly, you may choose whatever an activity you like – it may be running, working out in the gym or doing yoga poses. The key is that you exercise at least three times a week. Various scientific studies have proved that sport is the best possible remedy to sleeping difficulties and stress.

Do not forget about the importance of a balanced diet and eat regularly. Avoid the triggers of heart palpitations, such as too much caffeine or alcohol and if you smoke, quit is as soon as possible. It is highly probable that once you start leading a healthy lifestyle, you will not only get rid of heart palpitations, but your general health, well-being, and the quality of your life will improve.

My Heart Skips a Beat: What Does It Mean? Causes and Remedies
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