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Mendocino County Public Health Issues Alert on Rising Rate of Pediatric Hospitalizations and Circulating Viruses!



Mendocino County Health Department Issues Health Notice

According to reports, Mendocino County, California, has recently published a health advisory warning people regarding the early arrival of flu and cold season across the country.

The report states a sudden surge in winter infection cases generally seen at the ‘Mendocino Hospital.’

Mendocino County Health Department Issues Health Notice

There has been an increase in the infections of influenza virus and RSV Virus as well as a slight increment in the amount of covid-19 cases across the country.

Mendocino County Public Health Issues Alert on Rising Rate of Pediatric Hospitalizations and Circulating Viruses!

The report has also stated that, according to the public health official of the county, Dr. Andy Coren, the majority of infection cases are seen as more prevalent in children and toddlers. They are the most infected patients hospitalized due to their severe conditions.

He had also stated during the announcement at ‘Mendocino Public Health,’ that the sudden surge in the cases has primarily been among the children and is sadly much more than was seen in the last two years when the lockdown was imposed, and covid-19 restrictions were in place.

During the Mendocino County Health Media Event’ held on October 21st of this year, Dr. Andy Coren has also given a detailed presentation regarding the surge in Covid-19 cases, Monkeypox, RSV cases Virus as well as influenza cases that have been registered across the county. He has also talked about Mendocino county’s current regulations and efforts toward slowing down the spreading of these winter viruses alongside Covid-19 cases.

As per recent reports, there is going to be the publication of another updated health report on Mendocino county on December 16th of this year, when the winter season would be at its peak.

The health media event also states that all the vaccines related to influenza and Covid-19 are currently available at all the clinics and local pharmacies, which can be accessed via their health providers effortlessly. Thus, in case of discomfort and suspicion, one should contact their local doctor and have a mandatory checkup.

One can also call the county’s public health call center in case of medical emergencies. The number is given in the report 707-472-2759.

The Official Announcement By Mendocino County

The public notice was published on November 18th on the official health website of Mendocino county.

According to the notice, the cases of Covid-19 are still present at a threatening level. Also, the winter and flu season has arrived earlier than expected in Mendocino County.

These viruses primarily affect children and toddlers whose age is less than two years. Due to this surge, more children needing emergency care are being admitted to hospitals. Unfortunately, the rise in cases among children is much more than seen during the last two years when Covid-19 restrictions were imposed, and lockdowns were present.

Here Are The Best Ways To Remain Protected And Fight Against The Winter Viruses

1. Get yourself appropriately vaccinated

Suppose you have not received your timely vaccine for Covid-19 or the flu virus. In that case, you should get the vaccine, as booster shots are widely available across the county. The vaccines can be taken by anyone older than six months old.

2. Stay At Home, And Minimize Infection

Suppose you have tested positive for any of the winter viruses. In that case, you must try to self-quarantine yourself, stay indoors for the infection, and take medications at proper intervals.

3. Wear A Mask

Currently, wearing a mask significantly decreases one’s chance of getting infected with most of the winter viruses, including the RSV virus, Covid-19, and flu. Encourage children and toddlers to use masks to reduce the spread of infections.

4. Receive Proper Treatment

Suppose you suspect you are infected with any of the winter viruses. In that case, you must call the public health call center, 707-472-2759, and get the necessary treatment for your ailment.

5. Test

You must take an in-house test for the viruses before attending public gatherings or returning to workplaces and schools after a long holiday.

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