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McDonald’s In Trouble Again: Accused For Overworking 100 Young People!



McDonald’s In Trouble Again: Accused For Overworking 100 Young People

Recently an Investigation carried out by the Department Of Labour discovered violations of child labor in various McDonalds’s locations in the Pittsburgh area. More than 100 youths are involved in the illegal activity, said the department.

The Department of Labour stated that the McDonald’s franchisee, Santonastaso violated the child labor laws by overworking children between 14 and 15 years old for several hours at 13 restaurants.

McDonald’s Franchisee Is Accused Of Overworking More Than 100 Young People

The investigators found out that McDonald’s forces children aged 14 and 15 to work for more than 3 hours a day at early night on school days and make them work after 9 pm in the summer. The investigators reported that McDonald’s hired young people illegally to work more than 8 hours on holidays and more than 18 hours on school days. 

McDonald’s In Trouble Again: Accused For Overworking 100 Young People

John Dumont, a department of labor official said that allowing children to work for long hours can be harmful to their education, safety, and well-being. And he warned those employers who hire young workers illegally of facing deadly consequences if they don’t comply with child; labor laws.

Later after the investigation, the franchisee was fined $57,000 for violating the laws, says the Labor Department.

Back in 2021, the franchisee owners, John and Kathleen Santonastaso posted videos on Facebook saying that they run a company that offers fun, entertainment, and also an opportunity to earn money for college. Last Friday they stated that they are coming up with new procedures to tackle the work schedule problems.

“We take our role very seriously and push ourselves to provide quality. We are deeply sorry for all the scheduling problems that happened at the restaurant”, added The Santonastasos.

 The investigations are carried out after a series of reports of the illegal usage of young workers at the workplace for jobs such as meat packing, auto work, and the like. During the nationwide labor shortage in the country, employers are hiring young workers to solve the problem. The trend is common in the sectors where a large number of labor shortages are reported like restaurants.

Earlier this year, Alabama Plants, the parts manufacturers of Hyundai and Kia were charged with violating child labor laws after Reuters reported that Hyundai was hiring immigrant workers as young as 12.

Another investigation in November found out that other food processing and manufacturing giants in the country were illegally using young children in their meat packing factories in the Midwest. They found out that several children suffered chemical burns while working in the factories.

To protect children from all these illegal activities, the Fair Labor Standard Act Has Been passed. The act is enacted to protect the educational opportunities and welfare of minors and to prevent them from working in harmful and hazardous conditions.

The Labour Department stated that between 2017 and 2021 their investigation team found child labor law violations in more than 4,000 cases involving more than 13,000 minors.

Security measures to control this kind of illegal activities are not being implemented nationwide”, Regulatory boards should be keen on such kinds of activities happening inside the country and at the borders, said John Dumont.

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