How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller: Simple Tricks!

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How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller: Simple Tricks!
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Just mix a small amount of ginger powder with some water so that you will get a thick paste. Apply the mixture on those fragments of your nose, which you think should be reduced.

Leave the paste on your nose for a few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. You may experience some discomfort after the application, but it’s completely normal. If you do it every day, you should notice the first results after a few weeks.

If ginger paste is too harsh for you and it causes some irritation of your skin, try wonderful essential oils, which have similar qualities to ginger and may reduce fat around your nose as well.

Prepare three types of essential oils – Grapewood, Cypress, and Cedar. Mix a few drops of each oil and gently massage them into the fragments of your skin that need reduction. Essential oils will also make your skin smoother and well moisturized. Follow the procedure every day, though.

There are noses which look as if they were swollen. If it’s your problem too, you may try ice to make your nose a little bit smaller. Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean and soft cloth and place it on your nose. Leave it for no longer than ten minutes. Do it three times a day to see the first results.

A Few Extra Tips

Remember that the best piece advice for you is to accept yourself just the way you are. It’s impossible to be perfect and your nose should never be the culprit of your low self-esteem. If somebody judges you by your appearance only, don’t bother with them and avoid their company.

If you still want to change your nose a little bit, start with non-invasive and safe methods first. Apply good makeup, get your hair done, and put on some fancy accessories. It’s highly probable that you will start thinking that your nose is not a problem any longer. Inexpensive, home solutions can really work miracles.

If you don’t feel comfortable with makeup and hairstyles, you can always go to a beautician who will teach you how to do it and who will give you some tips about your issue.

If you consider a plastic surgery, remember that it should be a last resort for you and you can’t have any doubts about it. Think all the pros and cons through. Think about possible risks and complications. You must also be aware that there are many cases when people are not satisfied with the final effect.

What’s more, a plastic surgery is not a minor operation, but the change will be quite dramatic. Thus, your friends and family will see that you had your nose done. They might be surprised with your new look first so give them some time to get used to your new image.

Last but not least, tell yourself if that is really what you want. Are you ready to experience a stay in the hospital and pain that accompanies the surgery? Are you sure that you are fine with all the potential risks and complications? Get your nose done only if you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions.

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