How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller: Simple Tricks!

How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller - Simple TricksOur nose is probably the most distinctive part of our face and at the same time it is the feature that we are unhappy about the most often. If we are persistent, we can change our hips, buttocks, or arms, but what about our nose? Probably you think that there is nothing you can do about it.

The most common, nose-related problem is that it’s too large. We often take it from our family members and when we’re not satisfied with it, our self-esteem is very low. People often believe that the only way to change their nose is to spend a fortune on a plastic surgery, but actually there are other ways.

You can use various methods and techniques that will simply make your nose look smaller. They are mainly some clever makeup and hairstyle tricks, which will highlight different parts of your face. You will also find out that you can even change the shape of your nose by doing simple exercises.

1. Makeup Tricks

The best known method of covering a big nose and making an impression that it’s actually smaller is by skillful makeup. The results may be really surprising, but perfect makeup is not an easy thing to do. It needs some patience and skills, but once you do it right, you will finally be satisfied with the way your nose looks.

The makeup you apply should be slightly darker or lighter than your natural skin tone as it will make your nose look smaller. Therefore, you need to understand the importance of skillful contouring and highlighting.

You can choose either powder or cream makeup, but if you are a beginner, you should rather start with powder as the blend is usually smoother than in the case of cream and the application is easier.

On the market you will also find special makeup products created for highlighting and contouring. When you choose an eye shadow, go for a matte one. Shimmer ones will just make you look shiny and that for sure won’t make your nose look smaller.

A proper shadow should actually be two or three tones darker than your natural skin color. When you choose a highlighter, however, you should apply the opposite rule as it’s good when it’s two or three tones lighter than your skin tone.

You also need to decide what is so called undertone of your skin. Some people have it cool, in a pinkish color while the others have it warm, in a more yellow tone. If your shadows don’t match your skin undertone as well, the makeup will look unnaturally.

Before you start applying makeup, make sure that you have all the right brushes and accessories too. A soft-bristled brush will be perfect for powders while stiff bristles are appropriate if you are more fond of creams.

You should get an angled brush too as it’s ideal for applying a shadow and highlighter. Go for a blending brush if you need to blend two shades together. It’s soft so it makes an application easier. If you don’t feel comfortable with using brushes, try a blending sponge as for some people it’s more convenient than brushes.

Good makeup should always be started with a proper base. Apply a high quality primer and foundation. Your pores will be less visible due to the primer while the foundation will blend with the shade of your skin and it will be a good base for the contouring.

Remember, though, that the foundation should ideally match the tone of your face. People often check its color on their wrists or hands, but it’s actually a bad idea as they have a totally different tone than your face.

You should rather ask a specialist to help you choose the best one. The primer can be applied with your fingers while the foundation should be applied with the use of a brush or a makeup sponge.

In order to apply the highlighter correctly you need to draw a slim line down the center of your nose. You should do it with an angled brush, starting from the top of the nose and moving down to the tip of your nose. Make sure, though, that the line is not too thick as it will make your nose look wider.

Now you need to give your face some dimension and light it up a little bit. You will do it with the use of a blending brush or sponge. Just gently brush the middle of your nose to both sides of the line you made with the highlight. This process will blend the highlight with the tone of your skin and soften it.

You can also slim your nose a little bit if you think it’s too wide. You will do it with the use of a shadow too. Take an angled brush and draw a line that starts in the inner corners of the eyes and ends with the tip of your nose.

Now blend it with a blending brush. You can use the same technique in case of wide nostril, the shadow must be applied on both sides of your nose then.

If you want your nose to look shorter, you can also do it with a proper shadow. Start with drawing a line on both sides of the nose and move under the nose tip. Blend it with a blending brush as previously.

In case of a bulbous nose or a nose which is wider at the bottom, start drawing a line at the inner corners of your eyes and move towards the nose tip. The line should have the shape of a letter U under the tip of your nose. Blend it with a blending brush of course.

You can also make a crooked nose look straighter. You need to draw the lines with your shadow on both sides of your nose. Start with the inner corners of the eyes and move towards the tip of your nose. The lines, however, should be as straight as possible so don’t follow your nose contour.

Make sure that no harsh lines occur and even if you don’t notice anything it’s good to swirl all the points where you added the shadow with a soft blending brush. Only then your work will be ideally blended.

To finish your perfect makeup you will need a setting powder and a big, fluffy powder brush. Of course, choose the powder which perfectly matches your skin tone and avoid shimmering powders. Set it with the brush around the whole of your face, but do it gently.

If you put too much, stay calm as you can just dust it off with a clean brush. A setting powder will give your skin a matte look and your makeup will last longer.

Don’t give up if your first attempts will be unsuccessful as skillful makeup is not an easy thing to do and for sure you will have to try it a few times before you are fully satisfied with the final effect. Once you get used to it, you will apply makeup in just a few minutes. However, if you want your nose to look smaller, it’s worth trying.

2. Highlighting Other Aspects of Your Face

If you think that your nose is too large or you don’t like the shape of it, you just need to learn how to focus on other elements of your face so that people won’t notice your nose.

It has been already mentioned that good makeup can do miracles. However, if you still aren’t keen on applying a few layers of cosmetics on your face, there is one easy thing you can do. Just put a lipstick on your lips that features a bright or brave color. Start with framing your lips with a lip liner, though.

Also, if you don’t want to draw attention to the center of your face, don’t put strong or heavy makeup on your eyes, choose neutral colors instead.

Shadows under your eyes may also look very unattractive when combined with a large nose. You can hide them with the help of a concealer. It’s important, though, that it perfectly matches your skin tone. Blend the concealer with a blending brush, moving in the direction of your cheeks.

Another thing which you should focus on if you want to make your nose look smaller is your hairstyle. A general rule is that big, messy, and curly hair work really well as it will draw attention from your nose. Also, parting in the middle of the head is not a good idea as it puts focus on the center of your face. Side parts and adding extra volume at the back won’t highlight your nose.

Sleek or straight hair, straight-across cuts, and tight ponytails are not good idea either as they only make your nose look larger. Right accessories may also draw attention from your nose. Wear a hat or glasses with larger frames, which will optically make your nose look smaller. Jewelry might be helpful too, try some big earrings or an eye-catching necklace.

3. Nose Exercises

Have you ever heard that you can actually change the way your nose look by doing a set of particular exercises regularly? If not, try them as the effects might be really surprising. A simple breathing exercise may slightly change the shape of your nose. Just press the sides of the nose with your index finger and at the same time breathe out strongly.

If you want to shorten your nose, try an exercise in which you put your index finger on the tip of your nose and press it. Also, try to put some pressure on your finger with your nose. You should see the results if you do the exercise regularly and as often as it’s possible.

In order to slightly straighten your nose, you need to do an exercise which will strengthen the muscles on both sides of your nose. You only must smile and at the same time use your fingers to push your nose upwards. Do it at least twenty times a day for visible effects.

A great exercise for the shape of your nose is a breathing exercise that originates from yoga practice. Sit in a comfortable position and block one of your nostrils, inhaling through the other one. Hold it for about five seconds. Then block the other nostril and breathe out when you open the nostril which was blocked.

In this exercise you breathe deeply and therefore it’s a perfect exercise for the whole of your body. However, if you want it to be effective, you need to do it three sets of ten reps for each nostril minimum.

If you would like to give your nose a little bit sharper look, you may try a nose wiggling exercise, which will fantastically strengthen your nose muscles. All you need to do is wiggle your nose while keeping your face still. Do it several times a day.

Massaging your nose may also give your nose a desirable shape. It may also help you if you deal with unexplained headaches. Start from the bridge of your nose, move to the tip and finish with the sides. Do it with circular moves for about five minutes a day.

In case your nasolabial folds look unattractive, as it often happens when we get older, you may reduce them with a simple exercise too. Fill your mouth with air and move it in all directions. Hold for a moment in every mouth area an breathe out the air. Your smile lines will be reduced if you do the exercise once a day.

Try to squeeze your nose a few times a day to shape it the way you wish. It’s possible because nose cartilages are relatively soft, but keep your nose in the desired shape for two minutes several times a day.

Take some photos of your nose before you take up nose exercises and then take some photos after a few weeks of regular exercising. Many people say that they are very effective, but patience and persistence are the keys to success.

The exercises originate from yoga practice. Thus, every time you do them, try to relax the whole of your face. Don’t wrinkle your forehead and do the exercises thoroughly and your nose might look smaller after some time.

4. Plastic Surgery

There is a possibility to shape your nose surgically too. It’s the most extreme option, but at the same time the most effective. It will actually change the shape of your nose permanently and not just create the impression that it’s smaller.

This type of surgery is known as rhinoplasty and it can solve all your nose-related problems. No matter if your nose is upturned, bulbous, hooked, crooked, or asymmetrical, the operation may change it the way you want it.

However, you must be aware that rhinoplasty is a very serious operation that needs local or general anesthesia. The doctor must first review your medical history before he agrees to perform an operation, which lasts around two hours.

Plastic surgery is potentially risky as every other surgery. Some allergies to anesthesia happen, bleeding, breathing difficulties, bruising, or infections may also occur.

After the operation you will probably allowed to go home quickly, but you will need to go through the recovery process, which sometimes takes even a few weeks. You may experience bruising, puffiness, swelling, and other unpleasant symptoms. You will also be absent from work for some time.

You will probably feel strong pain too, which often requires prescribed painkillers. Moreover, you will have to wear a nose splint, which is a kind of a bandage, for a week or more.

There are rare cases in which scars are visible, especially when you had large nostrils, which were narrowed. Also, during the operation your blood vessels may burst, which you will see as tiny, red spots on your nose.

The most important thing is to find an experienced and licensed doctor, who will know how to help you. You must also clearly state your expectations because otherwise you might be disappointed with the result.

5. Other Possibilities

The methods presented above will bring positive results, but there are still some other options which you can consider too. On the market there are some nose shaping products, which will help you shape your nose the way you wish. There are many positive opinions about them and they are cheap, safe, and easy to use. You just need to follow the instruction.

For sure you’ve heard about wonderful qualities of ginger, but you may not have heard that it can actually help you to shape your nose as well. Ginger can reduce fat so if you manage to get rid of the fat around your nose, you will make it look smaller. If you think your nose looks fatty, try it as it’s very simple.

Just mix a small amount of ginger powder with some water so that you will get a thick paste. Apply the mixture on those fragments of your nose, which you think should be reduced.

Leave the paste on your nose for a few minutes and then rinse it off with warm water. You may experience some discomfort after the application, but it’s completely normal. If you do it every day, you should notice the first results after a few weeks.

If ginger paste is too harsh for you and it causes some irritation of your skin, try wonderful essential oils, which have similar qualities to ginger and may reduce fat around your nose as well.

Prepare three types of essential oils – Grapewood, Cypress, and Cedar. Mix a few drops of each oil and gently massage them into the fragments of your skin that need reduction. Essential oils will also make your skin smoother and well moisturized. Follow the procedure every day, though.

There are noses which look as if they were swollen. If it’s your problem too, you may try ice to make your nose a little bit smaller. Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean and soft cloth and place it on your nose. Leave it for no longer than ten minutes. Do it three times a day to see the first results.

A Few Extra Tips

Remember that the best piece advice for you is to accept yourself just the way you are. It’s impossible to be perfect and your nose should never be the culprit of your low self-esteem. If somebody judges you by your appearance only, don’t bother with them and avoid their company.

If you still want to change your nose a little bit, start with non-invasive and safe methods first. Apply good makeup, get your hair done, and put on some fancy accessories. It’s highly probable that you will start thinking that your nose is not a problem any longer. Inexpensive, home solutions can really work miracles.

If you don’t feel comfortable with makeup and hairstyles, you can always go to a beautician who will teach you how to do it and who will give you some tips about your issue.

If you consider a plastic surgery, remember that it should be a last resort for you and you can’t have any doubts about it. Think all the pros and cons through. Think about possible risks and complications. You must also be aware that there are many cases when people are not satisfied with the final effect.

What’s more, a plastic surgery is not a minor operation, but the change will be quite dramatic. Thus, your friends and family will see that you had your nose done. They might be surprised with your new look first so give them some time to get used to your new image.

Last but not least, tell yourself if that is really what you want. Are you ready to experience a stay in the hospital and pain that accompanies the surgery? Are you sure that you are fine with all the potential risks and complications? Get your nose done only if you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions.

How to Make Your Nose Look Smaller: Simple Tricks!
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