Lumps Behind the Ears: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies

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Lumps Behind the Ears - Causes, Treatment and Best Home RemediesLumps behind your ears are quite a common phenomenon. They often look unattractive or may be painful, but they are rarely a sign of a serious medical disorder. Read on and find out what causes the development of lumps behind the ears and how you can get rid of them with the use of simple and natural home remedies.

Most Common Causes of Lumps Behind Ears

There are various possible causes of lumps behind your ears. The lumps may also differ in appearance, size, and shape. They can look like a pimple, they may be soft and painless, or hard and tender. The lumps may be the only symptom or you can also experience other signs too, such as swelling, inflammation, or fever. Have a look at the most common causes of lumps behind the ears.

1.     Abscess

An abscess is quite a common cause of lumps behind the ears. An abscess occurs when there is some infection or inflammation of the cells or tissue in some part of your body. Your organism sends its white blood cells to eliminate the bacteria in the infected area. However, they often build up in the affected body area, where pus starts to form.

Pus may be described as a type of thick fluid, which is created from bacteria, tissue, and dead white blood cells. When they accumulate, they form a lump known as abscess. It is often warm and painful when you touch it.

2.     Infection

If your lump behind your ear is more like a swelling of the area, it may be caused by a viral or bacterial infection. The infections which lead to the swelling around the neck or face may be caused by mononucleosis, strep throat, chickenpox, measles, but also HIV and AIDS.

If you notice or feel any swelling in the area of your neck or face, visit a doctor as soon as possible. Viral or bacterial infections which develop in your face or neck area may cause serious complications if they are left untreated for too long.

3.     Mastoiditis

Mastoiditis is also an infection, but it is more serious than typical ear infections. In fact, it develops if you ignored an ear infection and did not treated it fully. Mastoiditis develops on a bony protrusion behind your ear and it looks like a cyst-like lump, filled with pus and fluid.

Additionally, mastoiditis can cause the swelling of the area behind the affected ear. The place may also be tender, red, and painful. Other more serious complications include hearing loss, fever, and a headache. Mastoiditis is a condition which needs a medical treatment with the antibiotics so visit a doctor if you experience the above mentioned symptoms.

4.     Your Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes can be found in different parts of your body and those which are located behind your ears are known as posterior auricular lymph nodes. As all the lymph nodes, they are also a part of your immune system and they are responsible for draining and filtering the tissues.

When the lymph nodes behind your ears are enlarged, you may have the impression that there are lumps behind your ears. Most commonly your lymph nodes are enlarged when you deal with an infection. Once the infection is gone, your lymph nodes will also come back to their normal size. A medical name for enlarged lymph nodes is lymphadenopathy. If the swollen lymph nodes last longer than for two weeks, consult a doctor as it may be a symptom of a more serious medical disorder.

5.     Cysts

A skin cyst may be described as a fluid-filled sac. It can develop almost everywhere on your skin without a clear reason. They are often large and you can easily move them around as they are not fixed in one place. They have a shape of a dome and they may be with a black spot, known as a punctum, at the top.

There are various types of cysts, some of them disappear on their own or break out releasing pus and blood. There are cases, however, when a cyst needs to be removed with the use of a minor surgical procedure. If the cyst behind your ear worries you or causes some discomfort, consult it with a dermatologist.

6.     Acne

Acne is a very common skin condition and it can affect various areas of our body, including the area behind your ears. Acne forms when the skin pores are blocked with an oily substance, known as sebum. When it accumulates together with dead skin cells, a pimple appears on your skin. Additionally, a pimple may also get inflamed or infected by bacteria, which leads to the formation of acne cysts.

Acne cysts are more troublesome than pimples because they are often large, painful, and they often leave permanent scars on the skin. Therefore, if you deal with acne cysts, which form behind your ears on any other body parts, visit a dermatologist who will offer you an effective treatment to the problem.

7.     Lipoma

Lipoma is a fatty lump, which can grow almost anywhere on the skin, including the area behind your ears.  A lipoma may be described as a fatty lump, which slowly grows under the surface of the skin. It is not cancerous and it does not spread.

Lumps Behind the Ears: Causes, Treatment and Best Home Remedies
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