Left Side Pain Above Hip: Causes and Best Home Remedies

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Left Side Pain Above Hip - Causes and Best Home RemediesPain above your left hip is quite a common phenomenon experienced by a lot of people. Pain in this area, however, might be confusing as it can indicate a number of different conditions. The pain itself also varies from person to person as it may be chronic or just episodical and may range from mild to very severe one.

Have a look at the most common causes of left side pain above hip and find out what you can do to get rid of the problem on your own at home and when you should consult a doctor.

The Location of Your Left Hip

You may be surprised, but most of people do not know where their hips are located. They just think they know that, but in fact they usually refer to the upper part of their pelvic bone, which is the bony area at the lower part of the abdomen. Some people say that their hip is the broadest part of their torso.

However, in anatomical terms, a hip is located much lower – in front of and to the side of your buttocks, and in the point where femur joins with your pelvic bone, which is also known as the hip joint. Generally, it may be said that the area above your hip is your lower abdomen.

The area of your left hip is known as the lower left quadrant of your abdomen. It is the part of your body where various important organs are located, such as your left ureter, descending and sigmoid colon, and in case of women left ovary and fallopian tube.

Therefore, pain above your left hip may be caused by a number of different factors. It may indicate some abnormalities in the structure of your hip or improper functioning of one of the mentioned organs.

The Symptoms of Left Side Pain Above Hip

The sensations which you can feel above your left hip may vary from person to person and will also depend on the underlying cause of the problem. Therefore, you may experience a sharp and stabbing type of pain in your hip bone, which may radiate to your leg and knee.

If the nerves in the hip area are affected, you may experience a tingling sensation or numbness in your left leg. In case of inflammation you may feel a burning sensation and pain in your left hip and leg when you move. The pain may also result in limping while walking.

The area above your left hip may be more tender and you can feel discomfort when moving. The pain often starts in your lower back and radiates to your hip. If kidney stones are the source of your pain, you may also feel soreness in your groin, lower abdomen, and middle back.

The Causes of Left Side Pain Above Hip

Pain in or above your left hip may be the source of great discomfort and trouble as it may also cause some walking difficulties. In order to determine the underlying cause of pain above the left hip, you need to observe your pain and its character – whether it is mild or severe, chronic or incidental. Also, think if apart from the pain, you experience other symptoms too.

1. Hip Bursitis

There is a sac filled with fluid between the ligament or tendons and the bone. When it gets inflamed and swollen, it is known as hip bursitis. It leads to reduced friction between the structures while moving, which causes pain.

A few types of hip bursitis may be identified, but the most common one is so called trochanteric bursa. It affects the outside part of your upper hip and is usually a consequence of an injury or some repetitive movement that causes excessive friction. If this type of hip bursitis is responsible for your suffering, the pain will probably spread from your hip area to the outer part of your thigh.

2. Hip Dislocation

If you started to feel pain in or above your left hip after a fall or a car accident, it is probable that your hip is dislocated. The hip dislocation means that the femur head of your thighbone slips out of your hip joint. Such an injury may be the source of great pain and even immobility. What’s more, a dislocated hip might damage the surrounding nerves too.

If you have experienced some fall or accident recently and suspect that hip dislocation may be the culprit of your pain, go to a doctor who will order you an x-ray, which will confirm the injury.

3. Abdominal Wall

If you can feel that the pain above your left hip does not come from the inside, but is superficial, it may suggest some problems with your abdominal wall. They usually result from a strain or injury to the soft tissue, such as fascia, skin, muscles, or fat.

Left Side Pain Above Hip: Causes and Best Home Remedies
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