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KidScore Media Raters

All KidScore ratings are made possible by adults who evaluate media with an eye for media's possible impact on children.

Site Visitor Ratings

We have made it possible for everyone who visits this Web site to rate media titles. These ratings are found in the "site visitors" section of KidScore ratings pages.

To contribute your own rating for a title as a site visitor, simply find the program, game, or movie in our searchable database and click on the link at the top of the page that begins "Click to Rate". If you do not find the title, follow the instructions to add a new title.

SuperRater Ratings

Providing our visitors with another resource, we have assembled a team of SuperRaters who have registered and passed the National Institute on Media and the Family's screening for KidScore SuperRaters. These qualified raters are experienced in caring for children and/or have an educational background in child development. If you are interested in becoming one of our SuperRaters, click here to register and find out if you qualify.








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