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How to Use KidScore

A brief description of each area is described below. Use the following descriptions to learn how to use our KidScore ratings.

KidScore screen

  • Title, Industry Rating and Description — Find the title, industry rating, and brief description of the products here.
  • Platform (if a video/computer game)— The type of platform the game is played on, for example, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation, CD-ROM, or Gameboy.
  • Summary — Overall summary of media product content displayed here.
  • Rater Tells whether the ratings are that of Site Visitors or our qualified panel of SuperRaters.
  • Ages — Viewing maturity levels are divided into three age groups based on the American Academy of Pediatrics standards.
  • Violence Amount — Actions intended to hurt someone or something. Things such as, but not limited to biting, kicking, throwing things, punching, using weapons, animated violence, and all the way to extremely graphic violence such as sexual violence would be included.
  • Violence Portrayal — If there is violence, this category measures how it is portrayed. A green light means it is necessary for the story and isn't exaggerated. A yellow or red light means the violence is unnecessary exaggerated, trivialized, and/or glamorized. There's a big difference, for example, in the portrayal of violence in a film about the death of Christ and violence in a film such as Die Hard.
  • Fear — Parents want to know if a media product has the ability to cause fear in children. Examples would include any scenes which could cause fear in the viewer, such as gory scenes, exaggerated scenes of pain and suffering, and other scary scenes.
  • Illegal/Harmful — Does the media product encourage or display behavior which is illegal, harmful, or dangerous if imitated by children? A scene in the movie The Program, for example, showed high school boys lying in the middle of a busy highway to prove their bravery. In the following week there were several deaths from teenagers imitating the movie.
  • Language — This category captures name calling, disrespectfulness, ethnic/gender slurs, crude or obscene language as well as sexual innuendo or sexually explicit dialogue.
  • Nudity — Examples include provocative and/or revealing dress as well as partial or full nudity.
  • Sexual Content — Sexual dialogue is picked up in the language category. This category deals with sexual behavior.

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