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Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock: Divorced After Almost 7 Years Of Marriage!



Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock: Divorced After Almost 7 Years Of Marriage!

If you are a 90s kid and well-versed in English pop music, then Kelly Clarkson would be a familiar name for you. The TV personality has been interviewing celebrities since 2019 and she looks truly amazing on camera. Kelly got married to Brandon Blackstock; a music manager from Texas. The duo tied the knot 7 years ago in 2013 and were in love.

The couple separated 2 years ago in 2020 when Kelly filed for divorce in June. Her single status was legalized by September 21 and since then, the pair have been fighting the battle to settle the divorce. Kelly and Brandon reached the end of divorce settlements by March 8, 2022.

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock: Divorced After Almost 7 Years Of Marriage

In 2020 when this all happened, Kelly shared that parenting changes an individual in the best way possible and makes you stronger. Although parenting is hard, it makes a parent selfless. The reason for their divorce has been termed as “irreconcilable differences”. It came to light after Kelly Clarkson went to Montana for four months with the family.

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock: Divorced After Almost 7 Years Of Marriage!

In an interview, Kelly shared her feelings and said that she has been in touch with her friends through this difficult period. She also said that divorce is the worst thing possible for everyone who is involved in the matter. Kelly penned down a note saying that one moment you see spending the rest of your life with someone. But life shows you a different path and it is hard for everyone.

The ex-coupe has two children – Remington, aged 5, and River, aged 7. Brandon already had two kids with his ex-wife, Melissa Ashworth.

In the divorce settlement, Scott Gordon (L.A. Superior Court) said that Kelly would have legal custody of their kids. Although the kids would be with Kelly, Brandon Blackstock would meet the kids at his place once a week every month.

As per the court’s orders, Kelly has to pay approximately $200,000 to her ex-husband as child support.

The sources confirmed that the couple was having so many clashes and when they started spending time in quarantine, the problems reached such a height that there was no turning back. That’s why Kelly filed for a divorce. Before this, everyone thought this was a perfect marriage, but now it’s clear that wasn’t the case. Kelly is high-strung but Brandon has a laid-back attitude.

If reports are to be trusted, Starstruck Management Group (Brandon’s father’s company) sued the singer in 2020. The company claimed that Kelly is a long-time client but she hasn’t paid $1.4 million which is a due commission. Brandon’s father also claimed that she hasn’t paid any commission from The Voice and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Her due has now reached around $5.4 million.

Kelly countersued the company and ignored all the complaints. She said that she has her licensed talent agency and doesn’t owe anybody money.

The divorce battle has been messy but it has finally come to an end.

A Little About Kelly Clarkson

She is a songwriter, singer, TV personality, and author. The multi-talented lady began her career with reality shows like World Idol and American Idol. She shot to fame with her amazing songs, including Stronger, Since U Been Gone, Because of You, and many more. After giving some amazing hits, the singer took a break from music and shifted to writing and hosting the famous show “The Kelly Clarkson Show”

This divorce has been a messy time for Kelly Clarkson and it seems like the battle has provided Kelly with so much content for her next music album.

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