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John Cena And Jason Momoa Team Up For The Upcoming Action Comedy Film “Killer Vacation”



John Cena And Jason Momoa Team Up For The Upcoming Action Comedy Film Killer Vacation

Stack up your protein powders, John Cena And Jason Momoa are joining forces with Warner Bros for the new action comedy movies Killer Vacation.

Warner Bros assigned the big boys for the new feature film for which the plot is not yet completely wrapped up, but we can assume that it’s about a happy vacation gone the wrong scenario. The actors talked about the future of the upcoming project on the sets of the final installment of the “Fast And Furious” movie and decided to take up the project.

Those who know the new upcoming project compared it to the classic adventure movie ‘True Lies’. The script of the film is penned by Mark and Brian Gunn and produced by John Rickard and Peter Safran. The movie was set up and ready at the studio before the producer Safran made a deal with James Gunn at the Warner Bros C Film Unit.

John Cena And Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa who is not at all a stranger to DC projects is famous for his role in Aquama which was produced by Safran and is set to come back as King Of Atlantis’ in the sequel titled ‘Aquaman: King Of Atlantis’. He was also seen in another Warner Bros-produced movie ‘Dune’

Cena and Momoa aren’t just family members as Dom Toretto might say, they are an integral part of the final entries of the long-running Fast and Furious franchise. They continued their relationship as colleagues in the DCU universe with Jason playing the villain in Fast X and Cena reprising his role as Dom Torreto’s brother Jakob.

Both have relentless charisma and they felt like teaming up together. The audience only got a bare peak at the scene where Cena’s character verbally humiliates Momoa in the finale of the Peacemaker series.

John Cena And Jason Momoa Team Up For The Upcoming Action Comedy Film "Killer Vacation"

John Cena appeared in Suicide Squad and its HBO Max spin-off series ‘Peacemaker’, you remember his famous dance scene in tights which was a highlight of that or any other series at the time. Safran and Gunn were so much involved in creating Cena’s character and developing the spin-off.

The Vacation franchise has been very successful for Cena as the Hulu series was such a blockbuster and became a Covid era hit and its sequel ‘Honeymoon Friends’ is under production. His next movie ‘Freelance’ an action comedy movie hailed by Pierre Morell, the director of ‘Taken’

This makes it clear the studio loves them. The project by Brian Gunn, the brother of the new DC ‘OG’ and the famous actor Sean Gunn is keeping the business close with their family in the WB’s DCkingdom.Casting big guns like Cena and Momoa will give fans an idea about their fates, as moving ahead to a new spectrum in the DC universe after recent upsets with films like Wonder Woman 3.